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Part 17: Chapter the Seventeenth

Chapter the Seventeenth, in which the party learns why you don't buy a Rolllex and takes a gory trophy.

So, Fry, why didn't you just kill him?

He had hostages!

And? Fry, you're walking around in a power suit with enough equipment to outfit a squad. Lela could have probably have made his head explode with a thought, and Bndr could probably have killed him six times before he hit the ground. And Zoid...well, Zoid could have done SOMETHING useful. You had all but two pieces of the MAGI and he only had one.

... why didn't we just kill him?

Eh, nevermind. If you had your head that much together I'd be out of a job. Don't give up yet, Fry! We still haven't found the last MAGI.

?? But then it will make it 78 altogether.

It is not true that there are 77 MAGI to be the statue of goddess Isis! Apollo is still missing a MAGI!

to protect them from abuses.

Where is the last one?

It's in Final Dungeon! Since he thinks he has all of them, he'll never think to use the Prism. That's actually why I left it with you, all the way across the world from here.

Looks like Dad's done some bulking up since we last saw him and got some new equipment. Not shown in this image is that he's also carrying around a Defend Sword.

Hey dad, where were you anyway?

Oh, I was hanging out with Odin. We go way back. I was actually out here to put an order in for more beer.


We might have kind of.. accidently.. killed him.

Huh. We'll I guess I'd better change the delivery address then.

The final town is just a little bit away from the beanstalk. They didn't feel much of a need to make this world expansive.

That's good to know now that we don't have it.

take Tents with you. They work the same as Inns.

Yeah, we won't be needing one of those.

in this world.

It's kind of weird when random geography knowledge is spouted by people. Awkward dialogue.

Not yet, anyway.

paralysis, sleep, poison, and even magic of death!

Luckily we don't use any of those. Also, how do they know this if nobody's come back?

By the way, while guest characters don't gain stats in a normal way, there's nothing stopping you from using potions you've got lying about on them.

The very definitely almost final dungeon. It looks like it's kind of in an impact crater.

The inside is creepy as hell. I never noticed before, but the walls almost look like they're made of the beanstalk. If you were to cut one of the beanstalks, would a face be staring at you?

One of the weirder things about this place is that some rooms are bigger on the inside than on the outside. You've got to wonder what's been going on in here.

A lot of the treasure in here is pretty much the same stuff as in the Nasty Dungeon. Most of it I won't end up using since I'm so heavy with equipment.

I really do wish I could have found a use for the Arthur armor this time around, but at least the PSI gun is useful. Lela has no problem taking out groups of monsters here.

I ended up having to take a quick run back to town after being ambushed by a group of 6 Cocatrices and 6 Gazers. Luckily the Parasuit makes Fry immune to Stone. Lela's heal skill could have fixed this up, but...

Well, that fixes that. Now we've got two people running around in Power Armor!

They're actually rather nice about putting tents in the later dungeons.

This room looks like it's a straightforward walk up the next stairs, but in reality on either side the walls are fake. Behind the stairs is the best treasure in this dungeon.

XCalibr acts as a group attack just like it did in Final Fantasy Legend, but it doesn't suck. Fry's capable of killing entire groups of monsters with it, and the best part is that it doesn't wear out. Infinite uses.

There's also another Nukebomb in this dungeon. Right now we're more heavily armed than some real world nuclear powers.

The final boss in this dungeon has no dialogue of his own. Fry saying "Let's Go" is about as far as it goes. I didn't take a shot of the party before this fight, but they haven't changed very much at all after the fight with Odin.

You can take either two views of this boss's name. Either it's short for War Machine, or they bought a discount WarMech. Notice the number 2 on the side.

Dad and Bndr are about at the same speed, so it's a toss up as to who goes first. Based on the fact that Dad's doing about 500 damage with a Defender, it's a safe bet that WarMach here isn't very well armored.

As you can see, the one thing about WarMach is that he's slow. Even with her rather sub-par agility Lela still goes first. Having to give up the Hecate boots has reduced her magic damage, but I think that's worth it.

Interestingly enough, when used on your party Missile attacks do the same damage to everyone. It'd be kind of cool if group attacks like spells or the PSI gun in enemy hands would hit all members of the same species in your group, kind of like how it works on monsters.

Bndr switches to the Samurai bow for maximum damage, while Dad switches over to healing. I haven't used one before this play, but the Heal Staff essentially casts a cure spell on every member of your group at once.

About 5000 damage thus far...this puts it at least as strong as Magnate.

I know WarMach has other attacks, but for some reason he was very fond of missiles this time around. He actually didn't use ANY other attacks.

Actually, neither did I. If you really wanted to you could copy and paste the above round twice more until...

He bites the bullet with our entire group at full health due to Dad's handy use of a cure staff.

And with our prize of the Heart of a Goddess (hopefully not still dripping), we go to confront Apollo.

Next time: Apollo gets what he so richly deserves.