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The Story Behind the Game

After the success of the original Final Fantasy and the further success of Tetris on the Gameboy, Square decided that they wanted to get in on the portable action. The result was SaGa, the first RPG to be produced for the Gameboy. In 1990 Square translated the game and brought it over to the US, where they decided to rename it to The Final Fantasy Legend in order to try and use the brand recognition of Final Fantasy to sell more games. This worked, with Saga/Final Fantasy Legend being the first Square game to sell more than 1 million copies.

Among the changes made in the game were an increase in the encounter rate to ensure that even short play sessions would be interesting as well as a general increase in difficulty.

It should be noted that the Japanese cover was considerably more metal than the NA version.

The Story of the Game

It's about as basic as basic gets. There's a tower in the center of the world, and dammit, we're going to climb it.

Mechanics Intro

Once we start the game the main character selection screen comes up. This game is a bit unique in that your first character can be any class or gender you choose. For simplicity sake, we're going to start with a Human Male.



In FFL Humans are the bread and butter class and have the greatest potential for growth. Humans have 8 inventory slots, and increase in power through the use of HP, Strength, and Agility potions. They are expensive, but are probably the most powerful overall characters.


Mutants have mysterious powers and gain stats after battles in a manner familiar to players of Final Fantasy Legend II and Final Fantasy II. They have four inventory slots they can use for items and four that are dedicated to magical abilities. Unlike in later games, you as the player have no way of controlling which magical abilities the mutants gain or lose. In contrast to humans, mutants are sharply limited in power.


Monsters are the fourth kind of character, and become more powerful by eating the flesh of their defeated enemies. There's a fairly complicated formula for their evolution, which will be thoroughly exploited in this LP. They are less overtly powerful than other classes, but can gain a variety of useful abilities.

We're going to be rolling with a party of 2 humans, a mutant, and a monster for the purposes of this LP.

So, what I need from you Goons is some input into this thread:

1. 4 names for main characters, limit is 4 characters.

2. A gender suggestion for our mutant.

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