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Part 7: Giant Tree

Nothing new of note in Fireburg.

On to Windia, then!

The Doom Castle chest still exists, though a different location now, and of course different treasure than the Aero spell. This is a direct attack upgrade that's also wind-elemental. It's alright.

Rope Bridge!

Watch out, Benjamin!

The only one falling into that ravine will be you, filthy beast!

As expected, it ends poorly.

At least this guy looks undead and surprise-attacks us on a bridge. A better fit for a FF4 fiend reference than Cagnazzio.

This guy isn't too bad since you're fighting him solo and probably wouldn't be as high-leveled. All his attacks only do around 500 damage, including Dark Flare, Thundara, and Pyro.

Meanwhile, buffed White wrecks his day pretty easily. I quaff a potion because this guy has a lot of HP but otherwise it's no biggie.

I'm all right! Keep going, and I'll catch up!

Oh and Tristam's randomly here now.

Your buddy fell kid?
Yes, but he's okay.
Alright, then I'll tag along with you for a bit.

I mean this played out the same way in the original, so I can't really fault the creator for this one.

Tristam's got new shurikens that inflict more status effects, as well as a couple new spells. Mega-Pyro is multi-target and more powerful, plus absorbs each attack, which is pretty much going to be a full-heal for Tristam if fighting two or three enemies. As for Fatal...


Otherwise the literally only other thing of interest here is an Elixir.

Next location!

We can chop down trees now. Alright then.

Only two enemy types in Alive Forest. Spectres pretty much have the same attacks as Ghosts, including that pesky drain HP and debuff attack move, as well as a strong multi-target water attack.

First chest has some new armor for Kaeli once we get her. Nice resistances and stat buffs, which she'll need greatly.

Other enemy type is the Mummy. Pretty much the same poison/paralysis moves and buckets of HP as their predecessors.

The Giant's Axe is pretty much pure damage. It's honestly rather lacking considering the weapons we'll be getting soon enough.

Those are the only things of note, so let's talk to a tree.

I don't think it wants to talk to you...

Then let's go and meet Kaeli in Aquaria. She can talk to the tree spirits.
That chick can talk to trees?!

...Let's go then.

Note: Kaeli is still in Foresta right now.

When we go to Aquaria, she's still in bed. Uh, OK.

Time to talk to Spencer, then.

I misjudged the distance. I can't dig that far, so it looks like we will need Otto's help. He lives in Windia. By the way, who's that with you?
Tristam at your service. I'm a treasure hunter.
You don't say. Listen, I recently heard a rumor about some amazing armor...
Let's go then! After you.

So Tristam's gone, but at least we get the awesome-as-hell Dragon Claw. Well, functionality-wise it's probably a bit more disappointing here, as you'll soon see, but at least it's still great in battle! Pretty much stronger than everything besides the Giant's Axe and inflicts a variety of status effects, including instant death!

Err...Phoebe you shouldn't fiddle with that...

Again, it happened the same exact way in the original. Who the hell uses a god damn bomb to move some dirt?

Oh hey Kaeli's awake.

Yes, but did you hear about my Dad?
Yeah, Spencer told me. He said I should see Otto in Windia, and I was hoping you'd come too.
I guess the tree spirit won't let you through right? Leave it to me.

Kaeli's back, though she's a bit underleveled. Otherwise, her magic is essentially the same as Phoebe's, right down to the -ja and Flare spells.

I'll let you through if you can whack the monsters inside of me.
If that's the way you want it!

Thus begins today's dungeon.

Leeches hit decently hard and can cast Mega-Pyro on your party.

The instant death proc is actually pretty reliable. After a bit of messing around I end up having Kaeli use the Dragon Claw since Benjamin does more damage at this point in the game.

Oozes have annoying poison attacks.

So, the Dragon Claw...'s not quite as impressive-looking in this version.

Skuldiers can confuse and do decent physical damage.

Having your claw user confused understandably sucks.

Mad Toads can inflict multiple statuses with Bad Breath and cast the Thunder line of spells.

Snipions can poison with their attacks.

At L50, Benjamin learns the incredibly awesome Angel's Bless. This beautiful spell costs a whopping 100MP but also gives every single buff to every single party member. This is a massive boon and I expect it to break boss battles wide open at this point.

Still gotta stab these guys to enter.

And chop your way through mushrooms.

Live Oaks hit hard and can hit even harder.

An upgrade over even the Giant's Axe. It even inflicts blind!

I've also learned that "fast" means you'll usually go first in the round if you attack with that weapon, though this only applies to physical attacks and not magic/items.

Otherwise, a lot of refreshers scattered about, in packs of three no less.

Also the Dragon Claw is...a bit glitchy.

Otherwise, the dungeon is pretty much the same as before, though now there's no timing involved with these things.

Wonder when I'll finally find that damn Mobius Crest.

Today's boss is Gidrah.

This boss can be poisoned.

After Angel's Bless I just go all-out attacking.

It's...not even a fight. I utterly wipe the floor with this thing. Though remember I'm pretty overleveled at this juncture.

I wonder if Reuben is OK...
...Who's that?
A friend who I met in Fireburg. He helped me restore the Crystal of Fire.
The Fire Crystal has been restored too?! There's just one left!

A monster attacked us on Rope Bridge and he fell. He said he's OK but I'm wondering if he made it back alright.
I'm sure he's fine, don't worry.

That doesn't sound good.
Indeed not. It is an ancient evil spoken of in the prophecy. I can feel it through my old roots. Time is of the essence. If it is your destiny to save this world, we must make haste to Kaidge Temple. I will take you there.
Thank you, dear spirit.
No, I thank you.
Is there anything you can tell us of the Crystal of Wind?
All I know is that it's power is being drained by the last of the Vile Four, the strongest of them all.
I will be there to help you this time, Benjamin. Nothing can hold me back now.
Thank you, Kaeli.

Before we end the update, let's check this place out!


There's keys for Sorrow, Anger, Blessing, Virtue, Acceptance, and Fear. I haven't found any of these yet. Who the hell knows.

Next time, Windia and more monster murder!