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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest Remastered

by Mega64

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Original Thread: Final Fantasy Mystic Quest...Remastered!?



So, uh, this is an interesting one. This is a remake of Final Fantasy Mystic Quest done in RPG Maker, which...goes about as you expect. There's obvious changes in mechanics, graphics, and so on, but otherwise it tries to remain somewhat faithful to the original while simultaneously trying to improve on the game and working within the limitations of RPG Maker. I figured it'd be interesting to compare and contrast the remake with the original, see what each version does better, so that's pretty much what I'll be doing here.

Important Note: This playthrough is blind. That said, I've played the original a few times so I have the gist of things, but I might miss things here or there, so feel free to call me out if I do so. Assuming any of you have even played this game...

This will be more barebones than usual due to laziness, since I've been kinda bad about completing LPs recently. No music links (the music's pretty much unchanged anyway), skipping most dialogue (since it's almost identical to the original), and my knowledge of the original will rely on a combination of memory and the LPs already done for it. I recommend reading one (or all) of those if you haven't played Mystic Quest before, they're pretty good reads!

No spoilers for the remake. Spoilers for the original are fine.

Oh yeah I'm on fucking Twitter and shit.

Oh, and one more fun fact: In February 2015 the person who made this game tried to get this game published as an official Square-Enix-sanctioned remake, fooling quite a few gaming websites including Gamespot. After trying to sell pre-orders on his sketchy site, Square-Enix confirmed this was a con and the guy promptly disappeared from the internet, taking the pre-order money with him.

The weird part though is that he made this game years ago and even planned to make a similar remake for FF4, before suddenly pulling it from the internet. I was planning to do this LP years ago, long before the scam drama happened, but by the time I began looking for the game all download links had vanished. Eventually I found a post somewhere where someone who contacted the creator said he claimed to be arranging a deal to get the game published by Square-Enix (this was back in 2013 or so), and that was as far as I got, at least until the scam drama hit. Oddly, he was continuously improving the game even until "release", so as far as I can tell he may actually have planned to release it. Maybe. The entire thing doesn't make sense to me, and honestly I'm happy leaving things at that.

But anyway, let's check out the game.

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