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Part 5: Recommended: Fighting

These missions add the indicated location to your clan's turf. Getting a lot of turf adds shop discounts and I think other things.

Most of the turf missions are dispatches that require a minimum number of heads to roll. Milay can take 'em while the combat team gets some abilities.

Fighting random clans that spring up nets 50 AP. Their level is the average level of your clan and their equipment is fixed. End-game clans spawn with some unbuyable equipment but by then you should have the few pieces they carry.

The Rangers, Nubswood's resident clan, focuses on status effects. Norma disables their real damage source.

Ramza is smacked with a Sliprain.

So the enemy Elementalist is smacked to death from an uncanny distance.

Seth uses Haste to not only remove slow, but to give Ramza more turns so he can steal every single ability he can.

The White Mage will be the first victim of Ramza's brain-theft.

Normally steal ability has 20% accuracy. Sleep fixes that.

Ramza now knows Shell. If he were to be a White Mage and equip a Judge Staff, he wouldn't learn the ability as he has it. 100 AP was saved in one simple swipe.

And now he has Cure. That's both abilities this White Mage has, so he'll have to swipe another White Mage's brain to get the third spell to open Illusionist.

Archer gets slept, so Ramza can plunder her brain. He needs two archer abilities to unlock the kickass Hunter, but I want Cupid off of this chick.

Bereft of all knowledge of white magics, Carson makes her bereft of life.

Well, she's now unconscious from pain instead of sheep. The judge has two roles, one is to assert the confusing and arbitrary laws, and the other is to prevent death in battles. This extends to your allies as well.

Causes Immobilize. It can be useful against melee punks I guess.

Causes Blind. This one is more useful as blind reduces evasion.

Causes Charm. Charm makes an enemy attack their own allies. Steal Ability can only get Action abilities, so I can't pick Dodge Arrows from her skull. How sad.

She's alone and asleep, so taking her life/consciousness isn't hard at all.

Everyone who participated in the fight gains 50 AP. Ramza is one sixth of the way to mastering Steal Ability.

Milay adds the Giza Plains to the Beoulve Empire.

With the reward money, I buy a Blue Saber (teaches Blue Mages Learning) and a Sleet Rod. (Blizzara, the Ice Phantasm for Illusionists, and I think Silence for Time Mages)

A melee with Clan Marble allows Ramza to steal some Soldier abilities. Now he has access to Paladin and Fighter.

Ramza and Montblanc can't participate in dispatches, so I'm cheating the system a bit.

Everyone with a 100 AP ability masters them.

Liam jumps into Mog Knight now that Sheep Count is mastered. He starts off with Moogle Lance.

Ramza picks a fight with the Sprohmknights to pick some Fighter abilities.

Now that we've got a cursory grasp on some abilities and some equipment upgrades, it's time to take on a mission. This mission in particular.

This Alchemist has some minions. Take note of that thief.


But first the Dragoon has to die or he'll cleave Seth and Norma in two. Luckily, Ramza's superknife does the job.

Next, the thief is rendered comatose. Memories are easier to take that way.

The Gladiator is murderated, providing a safe environment for stealing.

The Rondell Dagger, which teaches this ability, is perfectly purchasable. Still saving 300 AP on the main character.

Go Carson go!

The Swordbreaker is the hardest knife to get in the game. There isn't a reliable way to get one without already knowing the ability it teaches. It starts showing up as a mission reward very late in the game. Therefore, I get this ability now and not worry about it.

The Fighter (and Gladiator) tecnique Beatdown halves accuracy but doubles damage. Sleeping characters can't dodge so it's now a one-way ticket to murdertown.

Yes, I stole his mace.

Now, the mission is this guy.


This screenshot will make sense. What it won't do is stop being awesome.