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Part 14: Recommended: Stealing

It starts with some Borzoi guys.

They have stuff. The laws aren't in my way at all.

The Angel Ring is a great accessory. It provides Auto-Life.

And prevents Zombie, Dark, Silence, Frog, Poison, Slow, Immobilize, Doom, and Disarm(Having your weapon removed by a Paladin's drop weapon).

I want it.

This bow is slightly stronger than the Twin Bow, is dark element (which I completely forget to boost with the Arhiman Eye) and teaches Hunters Sidewinder.

I want it.

The time mage is stabbed to death so he won't be an issue.

The Thief Armlets more or less remove Ramza's ability to fail at stealing. Yoink.

Normally, Cupid is supposed to be shooting an arrow through someone's heart, like the cliche.

Here, she's punching Lini's heart.

Ramza has to use his combo to hit Lini, lest the thief's evasion kick in and Lini stabs someone to death. Combos can't miss.


He still keeps the Auto-Life. It'd be easy enough to dispel.

But that means I'd have to use a Bishop or a Gadgeteer.

Ramza steals the rest of her stuff except her shoes before killing her.

You can't steal shoes.

200% damage to monsters, 100% to everything else. Sidewinder is effectively better than a regular attack as it passes through obstacles.

I hate toughskins and bladebiters. They have absurd WDef but, unlike flans, they have good HP and passable MRes. It takes a ton of offense to get to them and they have annoying spells like Mantra Magic and Resonate to just fuck with you.

So Ramza uses his evil bow to shoot a holy arrow and explodes the Beastmaster sitting there. Holy Blade, which I stole a long time ago, deals 200% Holy damage to anything that happens to get in Ramza's way.

Then Seth breaks the whole world with his Phantasm Skill.

It works.

The next fight involves a shitton of Moogles with a shitton of abilities. Lini will steal a lot of them. Without a Moogle to cast Sheep Call, Eldena takes up the Sleep spamming mantle with her doublecasting powers.

"Seeing Gaol die horribly before his very eyes, Lini too his sword into the Eluut Sands to await the one worthy to wield it." -The Hero Gaol, Epilogue.

Note we only get one sword. The other one is obtained later.

"What are you talking about, kupo?"

"I'm prefectly fine, kupo!"
"Hush you're ruining the moment."

There are six moogles, all levels 7-9. All of them have abilities. Only one item (a Lost Gun) is unbuyable, but Ramza steals a few more weapons simply to mitigate damage a bit.

Norma isn't allowed to kill them before I steal their stuff, so she settles for slowing them after removing the anti-slow law.

Before this fight, Lini only has Mog Guard and Ultima Charge mastered. Keep that in mind.

Templars learn Haste. I have to guys with Haste so Lini is faster at stealing.

Luckily for us, the Mog Knights are the only guys capable of dealing real damage, and only to Norma and Seth in any capacity. That's before Ramza steals their blades.

The enemies drop very slowly so Lini can steal more. Having picked the Mog Knights clean, he goes on to the Animist. Now he can get to Mog Knight and Gunner at any time.

Ramza picks his pockets while Lini picks his brain. The less time Lini spends as a gunner, the better. Despite the power of an Ultima Charge from 8 panels away, it isn't worth the Gunner's bad stats.

The only person Lini doesn't steal from is this Black Mage. Lini has no need for magic.

The last guy stolen from is the Time Mage. He doesn't have Haste, but who cares? Free abilities!

"Ramza, what the kupo are you talking about?"

The Ayvuir Blue is a really strong blade. Since Lini has stolen every good Mog Knight ability, he normally runs around with it.

Speaking of which, Lini stole a lot of abilities.

Sixteen of them, to be exact.

He saved somewhere around 2,500 AP by doing this.

And unlocked Mog Knight and Gunner, as the only basic class he stole abilities from was an Animist.

This mission requires 12 Combat, which Clan Beoulve got from that last mission.

No ice? Bah!

Gukko himself isn't dangerous. His WAtk is high, but he really can't use it because you start with the height advantage.

How dreadful.

Gukko is perfectly vulnerable to sleep.

So he can't get out of the way of the Soil Evidence that's killing his friends.

Y'have 'ta carve up the rest of his team before the battle ends.

Pictured: A man with over 40 thefts to his name.

Huh, okay. I hired a new dispatch monkey, Rickman, to do things like this.

After gossiping with Ezel, he gives Ramza this mission. I don't wanna do it right now.

A random encounter yields our first Mythril weapon. Mythril weapons teach the combo skills to non-Ramza lifeforms and can teach Ramza combos other than Combat Combo. These things are only obtainable from random encounters (which pull from the shop list as well, so the best time for Mythril is at the start) or from a junk shop available later. Combos aren't that big of a deal but since they can't miss having the ability to initiate them isn't bad.

Anyway, the next mission asks the clan to go to Aisenfield and get pelted by diamonds. Maybe.