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Part 15: Recommended: Volcanoes

I don't see what's so bad about-

The camera just pans slightly to reveal all these guys.

One of the Blue Dragons has a Blue Magic spell. Otherwise, the dragons are just chunks of HP and defense.

Ramza takes down the Bomb in a single Sidewinder. I brought that Sprinkler along for nothing.

If you guessed that I already had the instrument for controlling dragons, pat yourself on the back.

She assassinated that dragon so hard only his ribcage is left.

And with that the only enemy left is the dragon from which I am taking Mighty Guard.

Mighty Guard is actually quite pointless because it has no range.

The dragon falls and the mission is over.

Ramza does missions not to help people or to get rich, but to try and break the world.

Hail? Sleet?

Ramza, you're seeing crystals in every corner. I think you have a problem.

P.S. Roda Volcano was placed near Lutia.

Oh hey an unbuyable sword. This one teaches Templars the Soul Sphere ability.

Oh hey an unbuyable staff. This one teaches Curaga.

I think I have problems.

Eldena gave two lessons in rapid succession.

Oh hey an unbuyable sword. This one teaches Defenders some ability I don't care about.

Oh hey an unbuyable mace. This one teaches Alchemists Magic Pow+, a very useful ability. This mission is the one that consumes Elda's Cup, so get Eldena before it!

Carson's mission requires some battles, so these guys at Save Lutia! get murdered.

Lini can't steal Fire and Fira from a monster. Pity.

"Now, I'll ssay it once. Either you ssurvive and get to the trial, or I crack your sskull open."
"That seems wasteful."

Lini steals some thief abilities to get to Juggler before he gains a level. He gets enough AP to finally master Steal: Ability.

Eldena also gets her second Elementalist spell and unlocks Summoner.

I'd like to say that I hate Marlboros. They have a lot of HP for no good reason. Ramza gets Bad Breath from it anyway.

Eldena then sets everything ablaze. Summons are as strong as ~ara spells but have gigantic AoE and share a spell list with Unicorn and Phoenix (or are Unicorn and Phoenix).

Oh dear! How did he slip by so easily?

Gukko complained to the foreign powers and they decided to kill us. Shit.

Funfact: The Redwings are Mog Knights.I guess they actually do have paws.

But before that, Lini's going to some sports event.

Chefs in Ivalice are hardcore if this is what they have to do.

Controlled bombs can't use Blow Up and they won't cast it if they are alone. It's a lot of work for a Blue Magic that sucks.

It was a brutal massacre that is far too horrible to recount...

The Gaia Gear nullifies Earth damage (which is near impossible to exploit) and teaches assorted classes Auto-Regain.

More specifically...

This bomb and her spawn.

Lini can knife things like woah.

Between Lini and Carson mutilating things and Seth casting really strong Freezeblinks, the bombs don't stand a chance.

Oh dear. Guess I'll have to kill 'em.

That is, once Lini is done stealing all sorts of Stunts.

Then we couldn't have a quest-line stuffed to the brim with references to earlier FF games, could we?

The Red Robe is completely unique and completely mediocre. There isn't a good reason to use it over the Black Robe or an elemental robe.

Upon meeting the antilaw resistance group Ezel mentioned, Ramza decides to... beat them up for it.

Shit man, it only lasts for one fight.

"Instead, my radical actions will abolish the laws just fine. As in, there won't be an Ivalice to judge anymore."

To hammer the point home, Seth immolates everybody.

"Killing everybody with different goals than mine isn't quite getting the world destroyed."

Carson gets this, which turns his regular attacks into his primary killing tool. it absorbs fire and halves water damage for those who want to try some elemental-protection set-up. Too bad none of the blade-wielding classes equip robes.

They've got three of the railroads, both utilities, and Sprohm Drive!

Funfact: They can't possibly defeat me.

Case in point: Maralith is but a Lamia who is slightly higher level than the Mog Knights in front of her. She has no fire spells nor any resistance to fire for that matter.

Ramza effortlessly kills her. On to the next mission!

"The volcano is really hot! Why?!"
-Royal Academy scientists

Probably the same way you did it the last two times you did things here.

Or let a wrinkle in space just sorta happen. Either way works.

World-rending has never been easier.

Except eight of these smaller crystals show up. Gonna have to kill something anyway.

The Ultima crystals don't look like Ultima, the High-Seraph to me. Apparently they're avatars of her or something.

The Ultima crystals have... this attack and nothing else.

None of them have anti-arrest ribbons, so outlawing Charm renders them totally harmless.

Still, Lini summoning Famfrit makes this battle take a lot less time. If you happen to not have a Charm law card on hand, using Famfrit and Phantasms still murderizes them. They didn't get a single turn, despite not being able to do anything.

Giant laser beams do that.

So Ramza logically concludes that, despite Humans and Viera having the capability of being powerful mages, that magic = Nu Mou. It's sheer coincidence he's right.

Suddenly Mewt confronts Ramza on his violent world-breaking.

Mewt is pretty fucked up in the head.

the Koringwood is placed north of Camoa. If you notice, Camoa's surrounded by two towns and two forests.

I care about this blade because it teaches Ultima skills to any Moogle or Bangaa crazy enough to try it.

The Ultima weapons are horribly weak, however. Until Carson has the 60 MP needed for his Ultima Sword, I'm just going to let it sit there and look pretty.


Fate is unusually circular.