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Part 16: Recommended: Ambiguous Morality

Maralith's mission gives the Fire Sigil, so one has to defeat the other Falgabirds to get the other sigils. Or find them elsewhere. Funny story, the sigils only increase magic damage when used as mission items. No effect on their elements.

It needs Jerky and a Blue Mage for four battles. I wouldn't blame you if you held this one off.

This sounds like a fun little mi-

Oh dear lord, is that how they expect me to handle it?

Treasure hunting in the other spots dredges nothing of value.

No option for siding with the protesters.

[x] Escapist Fantasy
[x] Subtle Authoritarian Values
[x] Blatant Authoritarian Values

It was about now that I realized that I was really fucking close to twenty smithing.

Oh well, Eldena is getting more and more powerful. Just need a Cheer staff and enemies are over.

Oh hey, Ritz needs help, I wonder with wha-

Oh dear lord, they want me to put her down too?

More Gaol quests. this one is kinda boring.

This is the next story mission.

It took some time to get the laws to not suck. Poor Ritz must have been murdered twice.

Oh no, all of her clan has been slain but Sarah and Ritz herself!

Wait, it's always been those two. Never mind.

I want to steal from guests SOOOOOOOOO BAD!

That cachusha prevents a dozen status aliments. It would fit perfectly on Eldena and she could be a much better healing person.

You are about to make a terrible mistake.

Strikeback works so well because the AI is a dumb sack of shit.

Thanks to doublehand, Carson is now more of a killing machine than before!

Ritz and Sarah aren't completely terrible so they do something.

"I mean, I save you once or twice and destroy the world anyway."

The Topaz Armring increases Earth damage and raises physical damage a bit. I like it. \/\/

Ramza gets to deal with 0 legendary monsters.

He, however, learns Goblin Punch so no one can complain about it.

Besides that, it's just a assorted murder.

Probably... not. You're trying to destroy the world, you know.

At twenty smithing, this very valuable Katana is obtained.

Double Sword allows a ninja to finally wield two weapons at once.

Whap and whap! Besides this obvious benefit, wielding two weapons gives:

1) A much higher WAtk score.
2) Two weapons worth of elemental resistances and boosts.
3) Two abilities gain AP at a time.

As Ramza is mastering Double Sword, he's getting the Ninja's veil spells. They're weak magic attacks that nonetheless inflict statuses and might just threaten a Flan.

This battle is even more boring than the last Gaol mission.

These guys are really weak. The Dragoon here might be the only issue if you aren't leveled all that much. I've actually ended up over-leveled probably thanks to Lini and Eldena. Either way, the enemies die in droves.

That Peacemaker is a really nice gun. It teaches Charmshot and has a pretty good WAtk value. Too bad Lini has already stolen Charmshot, huh?

Unicorn may be about as strong as Cure, but it heals all the statuses Esuna does and it hits a really big area. Besides, even Cure is an effective healing spell with Magic Pow+.

I do participate in a lot of Save [Location] missions because they pop up all the damn time. I like the 80 AP and I like keeping my territory.

The next story mission deals with loggers. Illegitimate loggers.

Ramza cares about the environment of a world he's going to destroy.

There's seven enemies here. Two Thieves, one Time Mage, one Black Mage, an Archer, Sniper, and Summoner.

That means I can deploy only five units. Norma doesn't participate today because there's a lot of stealing to do.

The sniper has the bow that teaches Assassins their Stop ability.

Not only does this Thief have a new knife and a nice hat, but...

He's hiding an even better knife.

The other thief doesn't have anything interesting.

Like the Chill Rod guy, I'll have to take this thief's knife about 6 times. Zorlin Shapes fetch 2,000 gil at market anyway.

Guys who aren't the two stealing targets get murdered.

With Eldena's doublecasting, Carson's sword-based violence, and Seth's Phantasms, murdering isn't hard.

After pinching a few Zorlin Shapes...

Oh, another one?

The knife has evasion and speed boosts, so why not?

Of course, this is after stealing everything of any value from them.

What was left of the archer and the two mages was brushed into leather sacks before being arrested.

Ramza, you have a problem. You are addicted to crystals. You need help.

Salkiawood already? That's three of the five forests now.


Ramza will never, ever let his obsession go. Also Babus gets his shit stolen.