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Part 18: As a result, we investigated!

I have no fucking clue why this is any concern of mine but dammit this kid is loaded.

This mission requires an Alchemist. Time for Seth to put on a different funny hat.

The mission about the horrible corruption in the Neighbors has been sitting in the pub for years now. I finally get the item to do that one.

That kid was loaded. Also holy shit a bomb shell fucking finally.

Holy hell that is a big gun!

For sale: A large collection of pirate statues.

Eldena can appraise old coins. Huh.

Oh dear lord, is that the kind of comedy you like, Seth?

Hmm, I've got two bunny girls, a cat-bat-rabbit, a murderous reptile man, and Eeyore.

Sending Eeyore.

Meanwhile, Eldena exposes corruption. Or maybe she just doublecasts sleep and takes whatever she was after. Hard to tell.

The sleeper has awakened!

Carson's killing spree has finally ended.

Or maybe I just Jumped at the wrong time.

And maybe I can just wave some gil under the warden's nose to free him.

Huh. Carson has to live with the red card on his record until I waste some more gil but I don't feel like it. Besides, No Award is pretty light compared to losing 7 speed or having the Masamune-100 taken.

So this mission involves beating up statues for some arbitrary reason. FFTA in a nutshell.

The only complication is that one of the Lamias casts Night. Ramza does not have Learning right now so FUCK.

Giga Flare is so much fun. At this stage of the game it OHKOes most enemies. What's more, it shares a command with Raise and Bio.

This means absolutely nothing and nothing new is unlocked.

Marty is so bad at things that volcanoes erupt in his presence.

Some guy has a sucky marriage or something and his mom wants her daughter-in-law dead.

I guess it helps to mention that the bride is an Inverlilith, huh?

So, despite being 8 levels above my whole team, she dies very, very quickly.

It's the smith's 26th work, you see.

This moogle will eventually get into busting the underground arms trade.

So this is the next story mission.


Ramza loses his subtlety. Maybe he could steal some.

P.S. With Adrammalech being the next boss, I'm pretty sure you can guess what the next chapter will be called.