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Part 30: Forbidden: Foreigners

The first foreign fiend is a Queen Lamia. It starts out over there.

We're aaalllll they way over here. The solution? It's easy, Seth will simply


I have equipment for this.


Seth stays awake thanks to his angel ring.


Eldena uses the Viera Totema to get rid of the Queen Lamia's MP

Exodus is... some name somewhere for X-death, I think.

I don't know why the world crumbles. The last three Totema shot lasers that exploded, so leaves to crumbling is a step back.

The point is, she's out of MP so she can't cast Night or Poison Frog or anything.



Ramza hits her in the face with a bow but it doesn't kill her as she's level 40-something. All the foreign fiends are.

Seth, tired of blowing up the sun, misses on is last Prominence.

Ramza, however, learned that bows are ironically not good projectiles so he chucks a sword.

It works.

The dude turned into a raincloud or something. That never means he's gone forever.

Oh no! I'll... ignore it.

It's time for another battle in Ramza's one-man war against poaching.

Ramza still has that Coeurl that he stole.

I forget exactly how the hierarchy of guns sits but I know the Outsider, with it's 9-panel range, is up there.


His gun is already an end-game gun so I would be really surprised if he held a secret one.

Did I mention that Norma really likes her Masamune?

Seth actually knows Stop. I just rarely use it.

Knock an enemy off a high enough ledge, and they take damage from falling. Norma manages to kill this guy twice.

Now you can't pay for your broken ankles! Ha!

This is the third time I've stolen his gun.

The sheer sadness of having his three favorite guns stolen overcomes him. This batch of poachers has been defeated!

The Carm Mercantile quests in FFTA2 are sooo much better.

This one prevents all the statuses that the other ribbon I have doesn't. Sadly, Eldena only has one head.

The next Foreign Fiend is... I forget but it's not the local variety of purple armored turtle with a sword stuck in its shell, no sir.

I forget why I declined to bring Ramza.

Being a level 40-some fucker with Adamantoise stats, he can take a Totema to the face and live.

Eldena manages to deal the most damage, what with using magic.

The other three kinda... plink at it.

Luckily Lini (A mog knight as knives being on the books really hurts Jugglers) stabs it to death.

But it was just chillin' there. Wasn't hurting anybody.

You know what? I don't care anymore.

Jumplar time, bitches. This is the most badass a Bangaa can be. From here, the changes will be
As the elemental breaths with a Black Robe and Weapon Atk+ will tear holes in enemies. He's got Haste for those times the enemy is farther away, too.

Plants. Seriously?

It turns out it's a very powerful plant. There's also a regular Ochu but I couldn't get that picture uploaded.

Ramza's in doubleking mode, so a law against Knightswords is a pain.

The Ochu dies like a bitch.

Sonic Boom and Holy Blade, being weapon-based, break weapon-specific laws.

Either way, Carson and Ramza rip the Neochu apart.

By the by, that's the last of the foreign fiends.

Thane somehow survived Danger Pass! Go him.

Eldena's in her final build, too. That's two of six now. Lini's waiting to be mostly done with leveling, Seth needs Geomancy, Norma needs Ultima Masher, and Ramza is too schizophrenic to have a definite "final" build.

...This... is exactly how quests should be worded.

It's time for the final battle with...

...Not you guys.

But... this vampire!

It's supposed to be Grissom's soul taken with evil. What you should take from this is that it's really high level and has a fucking ton of stats.

Vampires are endgame monsters, and they show it with high stats and a wide array of abilities. Lv? S-Flare is the blue magic.

His HP and MP are so high that I think they've hit caps. I didn't know there were HP/MP caps before this.

Being undead, he's really open to holy damage.

Considering the thing I'm hitting, this kind of damage is really good.

Lini uses his Ultima Charge and shows off how much hitting a weakness matters.

Seth, of course, uses Quicken on Ramza.

More holy blades!

What an idiot.

Eldena doublecasts Unicorn, but at 25 damage a pop it doesn't get anywhere.

Lini stabs him to death.

It works out really well.

I don't know why Ramza is so concerned when he is going to destroy the world, but anyway.

The Judge Coat is very good armor and the Dread Soul is a very strong soul. That's how things roll around here.

I don't know how it quite works that they're heroes and the targets of a very high state-issued bounty. Who cares? The Borzoi/Redwings storyline, started way back when Seth Blizzaga'd that chicken thief, is finally done.

...Or is it?

...I've honestly forgotten.


Even Ramza's family betrays him because he's that big of a jerk!