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Part 44: Forbidden: Peaceful Negotiation

The things the enemy talks about in the mission don't sound a thing like this.

The ? item is the physical mate to the Esteroth. I want it.

Star Armlets give a lot of stats. I really don't feel like checking but it's enough to sometimes kick a character from "can do a dispatch" to "will do."

In this case, Shara is walking on Thorny Dreams, meaning it's possible. (She still fails. damn.)

Since I have 8 dispatch monkeys right now and I'm going to get more, Star Armlets for everybody!

This is the only time you'll ever see this combination.

These guys are high level. In fact, they're higher level than the guys in the missions after getting three-hundred.

Oh yeah, there's a extra missions after completing the main three-hundred. Have I mentioned that yet?

All their classes are [funny word] Boss, and the information says these clans were disbanded in the clan wars.

What does this have to do with fat lazy clans again?

...Ramza, I just don't get you.

This I can do.

In case anyone cared, here's someone trying to hurt a member of Clan Beoulve.

Here's Clan Beoulve hurting people. There's a slight discrepancy in power. Keep in mind these guys are 6-8 levels above Clan Beoulve.

Yeah, I think I did a good job raising them.

This is the second Ramuh, by the way.

The Paladin's low on HP and all alone! What's he gonna do?

What are you doing?

Oh no, Carson just grabbed your sword and tossed it like it was some sort of sock!

Now you have a gigantic hole in your stomach. I hope you're proud.

What are either of you talking about?

Oh well, now I have the MASTER BRAVE.

15%/15%/12%/12% and it makes recruits all Humans.

Damn. That's fast.

Ultima Shot with a dark bow against a dark-weak enemy. If I had Weapon Atk+ and Dragon Force on him I'm fairly sure he could hit for 999.

Just four left? I'm really close!

Yup, Ambervale is nothing special in terms of area dispatches.

There's still four end-game swords to forge, three made in the heat of battle.

By beating up the blacksmith until he agrees to work.

I know I've pointed out the discrepancy between the mission description and the reward before, but now it's just getting silly.

Haha, Quin can't run with them. Because he's slow as shit.

"She's really asleep and really in thorns. I don't think it worked."

It's like the game wants me to insult it over this.

I'll safely ignore him for a while.

Why do you want it?

I've ran out of commentary on dispatches. They are. That's all I've got.

Here's a level 30 Assassin trying to join. Despite being 27 levels higher than Norma's joining level, she's only got 61 more speed. 198 is low for a level 30 Assassin. I know any of you playing along at home are really far in the game at this point, but I can't help but reiterate how good Assassins are.

Dammit Babus, you are going to become a close friend or die trying!

Getting new sigils is entirely pointless but dammit these mission are part of the three hundred!

Does sigil have a soft or hard g?

Having all but four areas opens up a lot of stock.

Star Cross is the Holy-elemental phantasm. The princess rod also carries several elemental resistances.

Masamunes for everybody!

I buy a couple for some reason.

I still have Tingel's Blood Apple and that other bar of Mysidia Alloy, I guess I should put them together for once.

I also get the other set of clothes, despite having stolen a set from Clan Ritz and obtained another one from Clan Ritz joining.

Nonchalant as ever, I see.

I've got about 50 items I'll never be get rid of. Want a couple?

Huh, imagine that!

Ramza can't imagine. His imagination is dead, and he can't learn Steal:Imagination.

Ramza's needed to end fools who want to interrupt the talks.

Ramza remembers that he's a wanted man... even though the game forgot!

Ezel is all "who the fuck cares?" and reaffirms that Ramza is public enemy #1.

Also he dispenses sound advice.

It's a mission now.

27% to all stats. Nothing can compare to this unless you want 30% in some and 12% in others. But that's dumb.

Yeah it does seem pretty oka-

I spoke too soon.

"I'm too young to be a polygamist!"

All these guys have full equipment lists. What they don't have is good equipment.

Ezel, why must you stand in front like a dork?

Bah, whatever.

I'll let Mateus sort them out.

And that's all but one of them dead. The Soldier barely clings to dear life.

Barely. He gets sorted out in a flash.

So everything is fine but nothing about how the game is played changes.

"I've got a backlog of Nu Mou Nubiles to

I'm not even continuing that thought.

Couldn't use an antilaw to negate the law that made them illegal?

"Nubiles #3 is a little sticky but

Wait what the fuck why did I return to that thought?

Okay maybe Ezel is propositioning himself sexually.

...Why do I have this strange mix of relief and disappointment?

Oh that's right, Ezel sucks.

Dispatch monkey #9, ready to be loaded down with Star Armlets.

I'll use the antilaw shop exactly once from here on, and I won't even use the card.

Fucking. FINALLY.

Ezel, like Babus, is stuck with item and his initial command. Unlike Babus, all Ezel has is Azoth. Azoth is strong, yes, but it isn't worth the Ezel you have to use to get there. Just use a Blue Mage with Concentrate and load your own clan with sleep resistance and it'll probably work better.

Because then you can use a Hunter/Blue Mage and Ultima Shot fuckers arrogant enough to live.


The FFT references get more and more contrived!