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Part 43: Return to the future life once again with your affection left in this life!!

There's five special characters. This is the mission to get Ritz.

I hope you like the word snow. Funfact: It's snowing as I write this.

...Then, is hazard pay not normal? Considering missions have included

I'd hope hazard pay is assumed.

Snow is such a fun word, isn't it? Children get excited at the prospect of missing school. Air Traffic Controllers break out in a cold sweat.

Does she not realize she's a liability compared to Clan Beoulve's killdozers?

"I like to stare at their frozen bodies, blue from the frost."

You get in the way by existing. You're one less person I can bring.

Keep in mind this whole conversation is about fighting undead monsters.

No one is used to the snow because it snows in two places in Ivalice. The other is Kudik Peaks.

The vampires are named - you guessed it - Lyle, Collin, and Guinness, after the Bad People.

They're all level 30 so they just keep spamming this move over and over and over and over and overand over and over and over

This'll shut them up!


and over and over and over and over

I should've brought Eldena along. Phoenix instantly kills undead units.

Lv.? S-flare is, surprisingly enough, WAtk based. Seth was also level 30 so he's been blown to bits at this point. Ramza picks up the slack with a good ol' Ultima Shot.

After the battle Ritz says something about winning a snowball fight or something? Who cares.

"We got him good, didn't we? You're pretty good with a snowball if you can render someone comatose with them."


"It would've taken 37 to render Lyle comatose. Not nearly as easy as Mewt."

"I wish I could've."
"It's easy!"
"I guess I can."

Shakespeare ain't got shit on this dialogue.

Sudden swerves in the conversation!

Well if you have no issues with being a dispatch monkey...

You can be a dispatch monkey.

Ritz uses Viera classes but is legally a human. That's... all she has going for her since she starts in Fencer. At least Shara, as a Sniper, has very high attack and a great speed. All Ritz has is... defense and HP.

This cutscene starts as soon as you have both Ritz and Shara in the clan and step on a town. It's the last one, thank goodness.

Considering that Baguba is right next to Lutia, these two either did this when I wasn't looking or are completely stoned.

Fencers are first in HP, last in MP, third in attack, first in defense, tied with snipers for sixth in magic power, tied with Assassins for last in resistance, and fourth in speed.

For concrete numbers, Fencers get 4.1 less MP, 0.4 less Watk, 1.6 less MPow, and 0.8 less speed than assassins.

The MP really hurts. Viera either spam Ultima or spam doublecasted summons, and 1.1 doesn't get anywhere. Keep in mind Norma can only use Ultima thrice a battle. Ritz can use it... zero times. Eldena's still feeling the pain from the Red Mage's 22/ 2.6 MP growth, and the 6.2 a summoner has is only now starting to ease the pain. She can't doublecast more than twice before running out or having to use basic red magic.

Eldena's still feeling the pain from the Red Mage's 22/ 2.6 MP growth, and the 6.2 a summoner has is only now starting to ease the pain. She can't doublecast more than twice before running out or having to use basic red magic.

Speed, though, is important. You don't get better than the Assassin's 2.3 speed. Norma goes before everything but other Assassins and higher level Ninjas, and she double-turns Paladins and Sages. Ritz's 169 isn't bad, but she could have had over 200 at this point. Ritz has a 50% chance of getting 2 speed a level. Assassins are guaranteed 2 points with a 30% chance at a third point.

Eldena would be an assassin more if I cared more. She's working well enough and I don't need to over-do it. Besides, I like the 10.1 MPow growth. Nu Mou Time Mages beat it by a mere 0.1.

If I were min-maxing as hard as possible, I would've hired two Assassins and left Eldena to wither. Assassins get a simply absurd 9.4 MPow growth for having no magic. They also get 1.4 more speed each level than Summoners. That's a normal class's speed growth in that difference.

I have to wonder, why am I getting character development scenes this late in the game? It seems odd that it waits until I've already beaten the game and solved all their personal problems for the game to show me their personalities.

"Hey Ramza am I cute?"
"...Is that something I can steal?"

Wuh-oh! This situation just got awkward!

"I already own half of Ivalice so there isn't much left to steal."

"Ramza's been waiting for a high-five for days now!"

"Okay. Someone wants to see Montblanc."
"He's been dead for ten years."

Ritz has the same stuff I stole from her back in Sienna Gorge. I now have six ribbons and five Viera.

Seth's immune to primary elements now! This isn't nearly as useful as it is in FFTA2, nor as practical because in that game it involves two shields.

Back during the Montblanc Wars on GameFAQ's FFTA board, one of the talking points the pro-life side had was that this mission was unavailable if you killed Montblanc.

Let this go down in history as proof that that's simply not true.

Ogma's Seal improves all stats like the Spiritstone does.

It's also skews recruits towards advanced classes. This combination produces advanced classes and nothing else. Assassins are especially frequent.

This will become out-dated immediately after this mission.

I could do this mission, but I have a lot of stuff hanging around right now.

Like this thing.

Hey! Look! It's the hardest dispatch in the whole game! It's difficulty is 356. The only other number I can find for scale is 30, for the [race] wanted missions.

It gives the other blood apple.

It's really fucking hard. Like, really fucking hard. The hardest fucking mission ever.

The other rank 7 dispatches aren't close to it.

"Change the climate, please! I'll give you this broken sword for it."

...Why is it red mage only? Oh well, Ritz can do this one.

This one doesn't require a specific class, at least.

...You know, I can't remember how long ago this mission appeared.

In case you've ever wondered "Why hasn't Lini been a gadgeteer?" This is why. Their moves have a 50% chance of hitting all allies or all enemies. There's no way to control it besides resetting a bunch.

The most notorious mission in FFTA2 involves a gadgeteer who fucking loves giving all enemies haste all the time. If even one of his skills hits the wrong side that mission is fucking over.

Steal Mistle Robe...

Madeen wins another Battle Tourney. The Sequence gets an extra WAtk and some missions get finished.

Finally. I've got the Blood Apple from Tingel's quest so I can do Weaver's War after watching it sit there for so long.

My inventory's getting full. I guess I'll discard this Sivril and

...That's how you organize your mission items. Damn. I wish I remembered that sooner.


This mission doesn't have a specific class.

Shara, do mechanical work, okay?

Huh. She's not bad at it.

Okay, Moogle Bride.

I think some conversation with real meaning happens if Montblanc is alive but fuck if I can remember what that is.

The moogle knight gets exploded for (his/her?) trouble.

The AI never smartens up. Never.

That's why I haven't felt in danger since Li-Grim.

You can be with him, though... in hell!

The Esteroth is awesome. More on that later.

"Babus, are we close friends?"
"I control a Jagd now!"

12%/12%/15%/15%. The Esteroth is one of two really really powerful mission items and I'll use it forever.


Ramza says this before butchering people.