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Part 42: Recommended: Recruitment Drives

Because Ramza... maybe destroyed the world the pubs decided to put out super missions.

The plot of the post-game stuff is... confusing.

Mewt's gone, probably back to the real world, but everyone else is here and dandy.

Here Quin, have some soup while searching.

Doo-wap a-doo-wap do-wap...

Finally, that old soldier can stop clinging to life and watch a clocktower! He's been wanting to do that for over a decade.

This mission doesn't bring immediate results, you have to step on a town first. This part of the game uses cutscenes that start when you step on towns more than a few times.

Oh yeah, Babus has a surname. I... don't know why I care that I missed that detail.

While Doned falls off of Ivalice after the cutscene after the 21st story mission in the main plot, Doned is Ramza's secretary or something in the post-game.

I don't get it either.

Look at that mothafucka pimp struttin' like he own the place.

"You know, the prince you serve failing to exist cleans up the schedule a bit."

Well, Quin's damn good at finding things if you give him time.

A lot of time. Because his speed is lower than the Mariana Trench.

Quin is slow as fuck.


Another change in the post-game is that plot-important characters like Ramza more.

Babus here forgets that Ramza has stolen two maces from him.

In JRPG world, this instantly makes all comments vanish.

In case you were wondering what Mewt left behind before the mission itself reveals it. You know, it's not like this game can hide mission rewards.

Except it has. And will do so again.

This mission is very similar to Left Behind, in that it takes ten days and gives only gil and antilaws.

Anyway I'm sending the coast guard to help this chick.

I've heard that, if you walk off the town that the above cutscene plays in, this mission vanishes without a trace.

I was on Cyril for the cutscene and accepted the mission in Caodan so I just don't know anymore.

What a rude magical violent force. Ramza was asking a question, jerk.

An image of the queen appears!

See, this is what I'm talking about. Mewt is clearly no longer around, but why is Ramza still here?

Remedi's ghost/spirit/doppelganger/reflection/echo doesn't like being brushed off so it summons... eyeballs. Did the dephs store go out of business?

She's lower level here than in the final battle. Lame.

And I only get two other guys.

I hope you have a high tolerance for Ultima Masher because Norma will use it forever.

Lini uses this ability (that he stole) to end the... Remedi thingy.

And it turns into a teddy bear. Whatever.

"Except all the echoes of his family that taunt you, but whatever."

"Fuck that, I'm keeping it."

Ramza is a wanted criminal with a bounty on his head who broke all the crystals and committed regicide twice.

In case you were wondering, yes he does join.

Oh okay then.

I suppose you wouldn't mind killing this dinosaur then.

Draw some shit or something. I don't know. Don't come back unless you're willing to become a close friend or I control Jagd Dorsa

Hey it's that Rat Tail I need for something.

I have just the thing for a gambling mission...

Loaded dice!

Maybe one of these days Weaver will get his sword.

Not today, though.

Sounds like fun.

Ogma may look imposing, but he has a weakness...

He's still a Thundrake so he's stuck with lightning breath and physical attacks.

He's also Haung Long for some reason. Sure.

Eldena may not have Reflex but due to the Thunder Robe, she is protected from the lightning breath.

So she's gonna take Ogma on all alone.

Ogma can't move very far and Madeen hits like a truck.

In case any of you were doubting Eldena's ability to keep up with the Ultima guys, here's proof she's perfectly capable of killing.

He then turns into a ribcage. I assume that's how dragons sleep.

Ogma's Seal increases all stats like the spiritstone and skews recruits towards advanced classes like the AllyFinder2.

There's another cutscene when you step on a town. If you accept this and Left Behind at the same time I have no idea what happens.

Oh this mission is for Shara. You know, that sniper chick I stole a SeventhHeaven from?

Doned is also a comedic foil for Ramza... sometimes.

And that's that.

She twitches a little when Doned says this. It's too fast and slight to screenshot.

Shara suffers no penalties while fighting Antlions, if you're concerned.

C'mon, something break up this banal conversation...

Okay, that works.

First off, you can recruit Ritz. After getting Babus and Shara it should be obvious she's next. Second, you can get her before completing Maiden's Cry and this line will change to reflect it. Doned is concerned they aren't talking to each other enough.

It isn't like the guy you're helping hasn't stripped you of all your valuables before.

...Wait a moment.

Shara is still loaded with an extra SeventhHeaven if you failed to steal the first one, and another ribbon.

She also has plenty of skills. Definitely more valuable than LittleVili but not really worth anything past the novelty due to her nonassassin status.


Obituaries don't exist in Ivalice.