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Part 41: Ramza.... What did you get? I...

Once Remedi vanishes, however, Mewt also disappears...


It was snowing when Ivalice was created, so it's snowing now that its fading.

At least Ritz admits her ambiguity.

Fantasy racism has really hit the bottom of the barrel, hasn't it? It's hair color now? Next you're going to tell me gas-mask wearing goblins are left to populate ruins for all being thieves!


Dramatic twist! Ritz was blessed by spirits that, in this world, could possibly be fictional!

One thing neither FFTA nor FFTA2 exactly explain is the relationship between Illusion-Ivalice, the real Ivalice that Luso visits in FFTA2, and the "real world" Ramza and Luso and friends are from.

Is Ivalice the distant past? Does the Gran Grimoire create an echo of the world it once knew or open holes in time?

Is Ivalice fictional? Did the Gran Grimoire create a world based on the fiction popular with the children who used it?

Blah blah "Don't be sad you dummy" Ritz accepts stuff blah blah.

If Ivalice is fictional, how does the Gran Grimoire function? It's explicitly magical.

Are Ivalice and the real world separate dimensions? Did the Gran Grimoire fall out of one dimension and land in another?

...Oh! Ritz apparently solved all her personal issues. Okay!

"I think all the nuclear explosions got to him."

"Mewt's a wuss if he isn't comfortable around reality-warping destruction."

Well, get right there already. This epilogue is already taking too long.

The book appears...

Then Mewt materializes, holding it.

Did I mention that the text is auto-scrolling? I can't control how long it takes.

We can't yet! Our navels haven't been sufficiently gazed at!

Keep talking in nonspecific, immaterial terms!


This is what auto-scrolling text does. It's supposed to to say "everybody" but now it looks like leaving is very sudden.

Remember when I said the epilogue gets confused? This is it.

Their dialogue suggests that Ivalice exists independently of the real world.

That, of course flies in the face of the "escapism is bad!" message.

If this world can exist without Mewt, who apparently created it, is Ivalice then not its own reality?

And if that's the case, how is it not as "real" as St.Ivalice?

In other words, everyone is full of crap and going home.

Doned is the right to be in such a hurry that he forgets to finish his line!

I hate the word everybody now.

NPCs, even plot-important ones like Ezel, start disappearing!

Then the world splits apart!

Finally got a KO, huh?

Too bad it doesn't matter you dumb bastard, the world's over!

Or is it? The navel gazing above seems to say it would continue to exist but this is pretty clearly the world ending.

Anyway, back in St. Ivalice...

Ritz's undyed hair always looked a bit pink to me. I always rationalized it as her hair dye not being done fading yet.

Rydia and Terra had green hair. I don't see what the problem is.

A scant few seconds later, so Square-Enix doesn't have to spend money on a new background...

The poorly executed, confused cameo!

This guy was seen next to the guy in green who was chiding Cid in the intro. Perhaps guy in green is Wedge?

If you couldn't guess, this is the explicitly happy ending where everyone has all their problems solved.

Except Doned is thwarted by stairs, and FFTA can't handle diagonal tiles so every change in elevation, even natural ones, is handled by steps and ledges.

No, seriously, go back and look! I'll wait.

None of Adrammelech's attacks are magical. Lightspeed, Firestream, and Soul Sphere are physical, and Howl of Rage decreases speed.

If he means FFT's Adrammelech then why the hell are you wasting time lowering his stats when you could be killing him before he uses Tornado.

The Bad People throw snowballs. Again.

And when Ramza expresses concern they insult him.

And when he's finally out of Ivalice he learns how to retort properly.


Two of the Bad People are hit with snowballs! Somehow these ones affect them or something?

Maybe it's the symbolic defeat.

Note that Lyle and Colin are palette swaps of each other.

And that's that!

"Heeeeyyy guyyyssss can I compose somethiiiiing~?"
"No Uematsu this is one of those Ivalice games."
"Buuuut it'll have sleighbeeeeellllsss~!"
"Okay fine but only if you go away."

Poor Mr. Smith. He had to translate so much text for so little of it to be memorable. At least he got his L's and R's straight.

Yaizmat is named after this guy here, after he left FFXII in the middle of development.

And that is how Ramza destroyed the world and got away with it.

OurLivesOnline is a chill motherfucker for drawing this.

This game has post-game stuff, though!

This pretty little star means the last few missions, there's about thirty of them, now appear out of the blue!


Those missions and, finally, special characters!