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Part 40: Chapter 39b: Decadent royalty and nobles must pay!

As we left off, Remedi got battle-ready. What she doesn't do is be quiet.

This track by the by plays during this fight.

Told you Llednar got the cool line here. Though, is this better or worse than "Let's mosey!"

The Dephs are the same as the Totema they were based on, just leveled up.

Battle Queen 75/15.2 80/ 0.8 96/12.4 112/11.8 124/10.4 112/11.6 96/ 1.1

Remedi has amazingly high stats but she has no abilities or equipment. She has innate absorption of Holy and immunity to Darkness.

Ignore the Dephs. You'll be better off for it. They still have crazy boss stats so they're hard to kill anyway.

Remedi's 15.2 HP gain is the highest in the game, and her WDef is behind only Bladebiters and Flans. She's tough as hell.

His Ultima Shot is Darkness elemental thanks to his Max's Oathbow, and Holy Blade will get absorbed. Poor Ramza can't blow up the Queen.

Lini shoots her in the face. She has a damn tough face because she survives.

Adrammelech's copy still uses that annoying attack.

Carson gets one last hurrah over the Ultima spamming guys by stabbing Remedi to death. I never lost faith in you, buddy.

It's not over yet...

Worst reason to keep a dream world around.

We've... almost got him.


Remedi isn't done yet! Why would a final boss be done in one form?


She envelops herself in a bright light...

And becomes...


Ramza never loses his focus. It's time to end this dream.

Llednar still gets cooler lines than me.

She has two Mateus Dephs with her.

These two are as dangerous as the real Mateus and should be treated... by ignoring them and killing Li-Grim first.

As for Li-Grim herself...

75/14.4 80/ 2.8 96/10.8 112/10.5 124/10.8 112/11.4 96/ 1.1

She genuinely scares me. It's not often you fight an enemy with such amazing stats. Despite her lower HP and WDef growths from the Battle Queen, she's higher level now so it evens out.

It isn't pure stats, though, as Battle Queen had raw stats and wasn't that frightening.

Li-Grim can totally reorganize laws if she so desires, and her anti-arrest ribbon means the very few laws she breaks with her unusual commands don't matter any.

Either of her Genesis commands is a relief, though. They don't use her incredible stats to deal damage.

She uses Llednar's Omega, but with her really high WAtk it's probably going to blow its target to bits.

Alpha hits a small area with a incredibly powerful physical attack.

She summons Totema against us. No, not calling another Dephs, but using those 10JP Totema summoning attacks. Is this revenge for abusing Famfrit against things I don't like?

Magi here is why Li-Grim scares me. She rarely uses her other 5 attacks, and this is her favorite plaything. Magi will simply tear you a few new assholes. It'll deal about 150-200 damage to all of your characters at once. Keep in mind she has her Mateuses who have Star Cross and some AoE attacks.

This fight is against time. Li-Grim simply does too much damage too quickly. Her weakness is her speed- she isn't very fast.

It's this that will kill her before she kills me.

Norma gets out of the gate before Cid's done whistling for the start of the fight!

Thanks to Concentrate, her attack hits true!

Ramza's now armed with the Marduk Bow. It's really weak compared to the Oathbow, but it's the second best nonelemental bow and Norma has #1.

Li-Grim holds fast, though! 14.4 HP is tough to cut through!

"I don't want to fight this thing! It might obliterate me!"

Now we've got him, just one last thing...

Lini demonstrates

That you can shoot

A manifestation of pure magic

Right between the eyes.

Mewt wakes up...

And Li-Grim fades into nothingness...