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Part 39: Chapter 39a: You can't fulfill your dreams without power!

You're prompted to save your game upon stepping on Ambervale, and you get the encounter as soon as you try to leave. I've heard a thousand and one tales of problems with this, but I've never encountered any myself.

Royal Valley is a pretty awesome name for the final mission, isn't it?

The background is a really weird gradient but it strangely works.

The camera actually avoids showing Babus until now by rotating the other way and showing off the gradient.

There's no judge here until Cid arrives, so whoever did it has good self control.

In case you forgot what the fruity bastard looks like.

Llednar gets the cool line here. Ramza tries, but he doesn't get close.

Chekhov's Antilaw!

It turns out Llednar had a magical legal barrier.

It was called "fortune". I don't care about how silly that is because Llednar's face is now a giant target.

It's going to be so sweet.

Llednar summons everybody in response.

Great steals, right? There's another Peytral, some good katanas...

Remember the save, though? The post-game starts from that save, so nothing in the final battles stays. There is no reason to steal, just blow the enemies away.

You can also only bring 3 other characters for some reason. I could see 5, because there's Llednar, his 5 minions, Babus' corpse, Cid acting as the judge, something like those fights against seven people.

The same laws are in place for every fight of this marathon. Try to get laws that don't interfere with obliterating the bosses.

All three fights are "defeat the boss!" fights and ignoring the mooks is one of the safest things you could possibly do.

Biskmatar 33/ 6.6 60/ 4.2 87/ 8.8 80/ 8.4 80/ 8.2 96/ 9.6 108/ 1.0

Llednar has average defense and HP for trying to be a boss. His Peytral is always at the minimum defense so he's extremely open to having his face removed once this plot armor is gone.

Llednar turns into a statue and crumbles. Sure.

His minions? They leave to go to the nearest bar, I'd guess.

Babus wakes up to reaffirm what we already know for us.

See what I mean?

He also won't be joining us for the fights. Good. I expect he would cast Stillness on enemies immune to Stop like his life depended on it.

I've got three jerks with high speed and Ultima attacks. I can help anyone. Anyone.

Nothing can survive three Ultimas to the face.

Cid and Ramza step through the door of the Royal Palace at Ambervale...

This ominous statue dominates the interior of the palace.

"At least I didn't steal his stuff this time!"

Keep this line in mind. The epilogue gets confused on this part.

"You are the sum total of your experiences" is Remedi's reasoning here. Does it so cleanly apply when Ramza has stolen others experiences?

"Some of it is Dread Raven, some is an alchemist's lackey..."

Master thief. Murderer. Anarchist. Revolutionary. Herbalist.

Remember what happened last time Remedi left the decision to Mewt?

Mewt appears in the statue's hand, unconscious.

I'm getting Deja Vu.

Then Remedi flings off her dress, revealing a gigantic sickle.

She also summons copies of some of the Totema.

And thus begins the fight for the fate of Ivalice...


Whaddya think happens?