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Part 38: Recommended: Preparations

Oh now I own the place.

Now I have the other Zodiac Ore for Crusite Alloy!

It's not a bad robe at all for being so unique.

Dragonheart gives Lancers Reraise upon being hit.

Full-Life is completely recovers HP. Holy is a Bishop's best attack spell and one of the few spells totally unique to the Bishop. Phoenix is in a different league entirely. It's that good.


Don't want to step on Ambervale just yet, as that would begin the end of the game. Instead, it's time to dick around for a bit while Ramza masters Ultima Shot.

...After all that work stealing that other one...

I was going to use that Crusite Alloy to finally get Weaver's War done, but there's a really big gun! Big guns take priority.

Oh hey welcome back. Now get out.

Littlevili does her job better.

Dispatches that require so many enemies dead can fuck themselves.

I have to kill something then run.


Something that I totally failed to screenshot is that Seth, Lini, Eldena, Norma, and Carson have been put in jail to work the yellow and red cards on their records. It's the journey of Ramza the Blameless and whatever semi-unique characters are sitting around.

It's a bigger gun than the Outsider. It's worth the Crusite Alloy.

Oh sweet Christmas, it's the biggest spear in the world!

This spear is worth any sacrifice!

You know, I can't remember when Darn Kids first showed up. It's been sitting in the pub listing for years and years.

I can finally do it.

Just trade the gil and you still succeed, so the Sivril only really costs 3,000 gil.

Having more cards on one's record increases the penalties for breaking the law. Have I mentioned that part? Anyway, Clan Beoulve's back together again!

Took me that long to kill ten guys? Damn.

Pallanza can relax like a motherfucker. He relaxes so hard other people feel relaxed. He can relax for you and shit.

I'm hurting for mission item space, so clearing out two of the things is a godsend.

Sprohm is selling Bracers now. I've stolen a few so I don't need to buy any.

Unlike my apparent need twenty star bracers.

I can use this to get the other bread to get that bow from the guy who likes bread.

In the mean time, it's time to feed my dragon.

It's 48 points per trip. If I had Cyril and Baguba closer than this would be nowhere near as annoying.

Now fuckers are gonna get impaled, once Carson's done impaling himself on Yggdrasil.

Where was this Snake Staff when Eldena got Madeen before Shiva? Totally weird.

The clan's smithing level is about 50 now. I don't know how any part of that deals with stopping schoolyard bullying, but I get better eyeglasses so it's okay.

It's a sophisticated taste, I swear! It's totally not that adults choke it down to try and look fancy! That's not the case at all!

Powering up the Sequence without linking is a chore.

"So how did it go?"
"I still have no idea what the principal planned. Instead I shot the bullies right between the eyes."

Continue eating!

Wham! Zonk!

Pow! Biff!

I'll never use these dumb things.

Temple Cloths are sold in Cyril for having a lot of areas. I like them because I like to pretend the extra WAtk matters.


We're getting somewhere...

Why are there two repeatable missions for Sirvil?

...Why is this showing up now, when the guy wanting it showed up about twelve story missions ago?

Quin can pretend to help with the Mage Tourney.

The Encyclopedia makes Nu Mou more likely to join.

But no Nu Mou could replace Seth in my heart.

I'm sending the rabbit girl to deliver the rabbit tail. I don't know it that's proper or not.

Finally, the drake is ready!


It's... not that much greater than a Giga Flare, and it requires two turns to get here. I really don't see the hooplah about morphers at all.

Addle prevents a unit from using abilities. Normally Norma would just kill the thing but I want to capture it.

Preventing its Bad Breath helps that quite a bit.


I already have the item this would give, but I still have to complete the mission to get all three hundred done.

Add family counseling to the list of Beoulve's specialties.

It gives the other white thread...

Which can be used to make this hat.

The problem with Marlboros?

They fuckin' hate Curealls. They hate about everything but Elixirs. Elixirs are expensive as shit (20,000 a bottle IIRC) and are only available at Cyril if you have all thirty areas.

If I ever did use a Defender, I'd be glad to see this greatsword for sale in Sprohm. In FFTA2 I have a sick fetish for these because they make Raptors kickass.

After all that work and I'm only one third of the way there?


You know who is a great drinking partner? A bunny girl with a huge bow. Littlevili's on the case.

Ezel wants some stuff.

Amber in particular.

The Insignia is my best buddy in my new quest for AP.

"I want to destroy all of the laws! Isn't that a good reason?"

That ends that.

An Almighty Antilaw.

It negates all of the laws. It's rank 7.

Littlevili is actually a bad drinking buddy because she smuggles the wine.

I guess I should get that bow now that I have bread, huh?

And this too now that I have wine.

After some good-ol' asskickin'...

That bow I needed bread for isn't good.

Compare it to these Oathbows I have sitting around.

He's got some magic hands. They're very strong knuckles for White Monks and Gadgeteers.

This shows up but it'll have to wait for...


Ambervale, and the final battles...