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Part 9: Level 5 Magic

Level 5 Black Magic
FIR3: Like FIRE and FIR2, but even stronger.
BLT3: Like BOLT and BLT2, but even stronger.
STOP: Inflicts paralyze and sleep on one enemy.
WARP: Out of battle, teleport back one dungeon level. In battle, reduces one enemy's morale.

Level 5 White Magic
CUR3: Like CURE and CUR2, but even stronger.
HLY3: Like HOLY and HLY2, but even stronger.
SHEL: Defends the party against elemental damage.
SOFT: Out of battle, removes petrification from one character. In battle, petrifies an enemy.

Pretty much everything here is a great spell. STOP is maybe a little mediocre, but being able to lock down a dangerous enemy is still useful. WARP's teleportation effect is going to be outclassed fairly soon, especially with Cleric in the party, but it has its uses. Its secondary effect is also interesting, potentially causing an enemy to flee the battle. It's not terribly useful in my experience, but it's a potential emergency option. In white magic, SHEL is an amazing defensive spell against anything that uses elemental attacks, be they mages or dragons.

But the big spell here is SOFT. On enemies, petrification is functionally the same as instant death, and white magic users get that two full spell levels before black magic users. Add in its out-of-battle effect, and I'm prepared to call it the single most broken spell in the game, if not the most powerful. It really needs lower accuracy; as it is, it lets you break certain encounters wide open.