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Part 14: Level 7 Magic

Level 7 Black Magic
QAKE= Deals earth damage to all enemies.
TNDO= Like AERO, but stronger.
DETH= Kills an enemy.
HST2= Like HSTE, but affects the entire party.

Level 7 White Magic
CUR4= Fully restores a character's HP and removes status ailments.
HLY4= Like Holy, HLY2, and HLY3, but stronger still.
IVS2= Like INVS, but stronger.
HEX = Inflicts poison, blind, sleep, and mute on all enemies.

Black magic is pretty interesting at this level. QAKE is actually a stand-out spell, as it's the only multi-target damaging spell in black magic that's effective on undead. DETH is probably over-leveled; I'd probably swap it with GLXY, which has better crowd control power. HST2's usefulness depends entirely on your party. With only one good physical fighter, it's nearly useless, but on a team like ours, with three solid fighters, it's amazing. Too bad Ranger will probably never level far enough to use it.

In white magic, CUR4 is amazing. Even when CUR3 restores just as much HP, CUR4 is strictly better, since it removes problematic conditions. HEX, meanwhile, is some impressive crowd control for white magic. It's still probably not as good as GLXY, but in the right situation it can work wonders. IVS2 is also a great spell for boss fights, supplanting INVS as a staple for them.