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Part 49: Final Update

Explosionface posted:

Are we ever going to see the end of Thorg's quest, or am dead forever?

No, worse than dead. Am bored.

Exdeath was the first boss to require leveling after Sandworm, as the party ended up level 39 and died to Level 3 Flare pretty much instantly. Clever application of Reflect and elemental resistances along with good old fashioned luck (especially around Rervese Polarity and Doom) means I eventually get him after 8 tries.

Eventually the Gargoyles get smacked in such a way that the second one dies before it revives the first.

Reflect Rings and axes quartering defenses means once again Melusine gets her gimmick ignored.

Wendigo is slain through the application of fancy new weaponry and plain old RNG.

Climbing Fork Tower was not a hoot, when the no physicals part of the magic tower is enforced by react:physical scripts that fucking murder you.

Then Krile kept losing her damage race against Minotaur, especially since he has a counterattack script.

So I took advantage of Thorg & Friends being nigh invulnerable to physicals and elixir drops to grind them up.

I got to 59 because I went a little crazy. And Thorg's at 60 because he had the Bone Mail and I lost track of time and survived a few encounters by himself.

But then, I got bored. Omniscient is just a matter of hoping the RNG aligns just right with Mage Mashers procing Mute just so and if they don't, reset. I then realized that all Exdeath and Neo-Exdeath would be is just grinding to 99 then hoping for more RNG shit, like Exdeath not getting any White Holes in and hoping the Berserkers don't fumble around Neo-Exdeath too much and Grand Cross doesn't fuck things up and Almagest doesn't wear them down and hitting his last target enough before Meteors pile up to much.

I've never heard of a non-SNES Berserker SCC being completed, as they all cite the Thornlet Magic underflow glitch. And trying to be the first, it turns out, is mostly just tedium and boredom.

The challenge should be done with Sandworm. We aren't hitting those heights of schadenfreude or entertainment again.

Thorg hang up wolf hat and axe collection. Am done.