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REMINDER: I'm not dead!


I think I need more Tents first. I only have 60!

Filler boss.

Galuf runs into the Castle alone, which is no match for his level 37 Berserkerness.

That includes Gilgamesh.

I run staright forward and fight a bunch of things because we're fucking Beserkers.

Still level 37. Gilgamesh is balanced for level 20.

And then we get tossed to Rigole. I like the name Lugor the best personally.


War Hammers are weaker than Death Sickles but they don't have the death proc. I don't think I bother since...

42 power knives, thank god. I am so glad there are new knievs. They're a good boost, especially since they're reliable compared to axes.

Also sets of gold armor. More defense and evasion means less dying.

And now Hi Potions! Berserkers have a lot of HP and no healing magic, so Hi-Potions are crucial for living.


Oh look, another boss who gets whacked cuz he's weak!

I kill one of these too.

Thorg not avoid fight!

Berserkers can proc !Dance just fine. Some fights basically come down to hoping for a lucky Swords Dance. I think it's about an 8% chance each turn. It's 51 power besides so it's a hell of a knife.

More physical evasion.

I would love to use this

but I don't

I don't have much use for Bal Castle, since it has the same shops as Rigole and no notable treasure for Berserkers.

What a joke!

no magic defense but a Vigor boost!

I hope you know why I want Swords Dances.

Behold! A very important item!

Berserkers don't interact with its downsides, besides the Fire weakness, so it's basically free defense and resistances! Thorg wears it nearly constantly. It's really fucking useful.

When I was a kid I got stuck here because I never fell down this hole. It was pretty embarrassing.

I did record a video for this fight but it's stupidly long. Mostly because the flowers respawn and Berserkers target them randomly.

They're immune to Confusion and Thorg can't be poisoned so most of the danger really isn't. It's just a really fucking long slog hoping they wear down the Pod.

RIP Golem.

Then Ghido's island explodes.

Castle uh... Surgate was it? It sells Poison Axes. They're stronger than Death Sickles and can proc Poison. They're not actually Poison elemental.

These guys are joke.

Gilgamesh ain't a big deal either.

I grind these guys for a Reflect Ring. I use it some.

Oh no!


The strange luck with rare drops continues!

Oh goddammit I forgot the rings shiiiiiiiiiit

Atomos is reasonably dangerous since he hits hard, but Berserkers have great damage output. As long as he doesn't cast Slowga we're gold.

Moore offers Diamond gear, which halves Lightning damage. Combined with Flame Rings, this gives protection from the main kinds of elemental damage the party faces. And it's better than Gold!

Another Knife upgrade, this time they're elemental but it doesn't really matter to Thorg & Friends. Because Wind is the best element.

With their new knives they hit hard enough to consistently get Metamorph before he morphs.

And the rare drop river continues, as I finally get this for the first time in any FF5 playthrough.

It can be broken to cast Holy.

I take the Aegis Shield for the 1/3 magic block, and because I have Flame Rings for fire absorption already.

Despite expectations, these guys aren't that hard.

Mostly because Death Sickles work on them. I think they're the last boss that it does so.

Also Flame Rings hit the Fire Crystal hard. I'm surprised this worked out so perfectly.

Then Galuf dies while fighting Exdeath in what was almost literally a cutscene due to my lack of control. Thorg & Friends try casting healing magic but they're stupid and can't cast magic. They probably made him feel worse instead.

But Krile is ready to take up the flag! In her adorable kitty costume, she'll be slightly faster but have less HP and Vigor than Galuf! The list of functional differences is

NEXT TIME: Thorg faces his hardest challenge yet: A boss who actually has a lot of HP and a gimmick that isn't easily negated and usually wins damage races!