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Part 17: This is your hometown!

Chapter 15: This is your hometown!

So remember that spot in Galuf's flashback?

Only one stone remains.

The wonderful, mountain-encircled town of Lix.

It's Burtz' hometown. So, people give him stuff.

Like, half-price items in the item store.

Ninja supplies. Don't ask, just enjoy.

What's worse? This woman uses the same sprite as his mom.

With 2/3 of its former inhabitants dead and 1/3 being stupid, I wonder why.

The only object we can interact with is a music box on the counter.

It plays the kind of melody you'd associate with childhood memories. Too bad all of Burtz' suck.

...You're leaving again so soon?
...No, I'm not going anywhere.
The spasms aren't as frequent anymore... I can get by on my own. Still, it would be nice if you stayed... not to take care of me, but so we could be together, as a family...
I know. But get some rest. You're still sick and you need the rest.
But we only have one bed I will, dear. Just let me finish this up first.

So you were awake.
Daddy, are you going to get more bad guys?
That's what I do.
I wanna come!
You need to stay here and take care of your mother. Don't tell her you saw me leave, alright? It'll be our little secret.
Okay, Daddy.
Now it's time for good little boys to get some sleep. Stella! Worry about that tomorrow and come get some rest!


Here, this is for you - and your memories.

He gives us this song. Multi-target confusion would be worth it if it worked on anything that was worth confusing and if White Mages couldn't spend dead turns casting it anyway.

Long story short, Burtz' main memory of his time with this guy is when he got stuck hanging on a building for like 37 weeks and now he's afraid of heights. What a shitty childhood.

Whatever, I'm tired of Lix. I've shopped and that's all that really counts for one of my LPs.

Flying over the scenic Istory Falls!

Also the not-quite-as-scenic town of Istory.

Long story. Walk around the flower bed. The frog pops out and you get the ability to turn things into frogs. One of these days, I'll do an all frog update.

Why couldn't they give it to your earlier? I don't know. It's not like FF5 cares about its balance.

These rings are amazingly awesome. I'm going to get some eventually. Just you wait.

Stay sharp, or he'll zap you with a bolt o' lightnin'!

Right, kill old men. Gotcha.


It kicks us over a fence that couldn't have been that hard to jump over!

There is no visual indication of if a monster's stopped. Also, Romeo's Ballad lasts for all of 5 seconds.

Huh. A monster that's trying to zap us.

Too bad he's open to Death Claw.

The guy and Ifrit converse about the meaning of friendship and working together.

Turns out he's Ramuh!

Zap to the extreme!

Anyway, the most common random encounter in Istory is 5 Black Flames.

220 HP, 50 evasion. However...

They're open to a Ninja's scrolls. Horribly open. The scrolls cost 200 gil each...

But look at those gil drops. Keep in mind there's 5 of the things. That's 870 gil a battle. Also, 362 EXP and 3 ABP.

Grinding time!

Faris gains Summon Level 3. I'm a billion-jillion miles away from this point, and I'm about to get my first level 4 summon.

Galuf gets !Control, essential to getting defensive and assisting Blue Magics.

Yeah, Faris is getting 3 schools of magic. What of it?


Thinly veiled insults and several thousand points of damage in this stupid desert!

...I don't know. I was bored tonight and I remembered I had an LP. 2435 images on the backlog!