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Original Thread: Let's Play Final Fantasy 5 Advance: Rod breaking central.


Screw the guys who say 7/10/6 were best, 5 turned the job system into something awesome. With the ability to use abilities from other jobs, You could have interesting combinations like a Black mage who can punch things, knights with magic, or a bard who isn't useless. With 26 total jobs, of course some are really good, and some are atrocious, and some are pretty mediocre until they get one ability then they achieve omnipotence.

The story is nothing special-I'll show it for completion's sake- but the gameplay keeps me coming back again and again.

With some image capturing, my rapier wit, and near infinite patience for genociding wolves, I'll bring you the complete FFV experience.



Bartz Klauser
The apparent protagonist, despite being a blazing idiot. He likes repeating plot-important terms as questions. He has the highest strength, so he's best at hitting things. His parents, like every proper RPG hero's, are dead.

Lenna Charlotte Tycoon
As a 19 year-old princess, she has a habit of leaving the castle despite EVERYONE'S wishes. She has a thing for getting poisoned over dragons due to TRAGIC CHILDHOOD EVENTS. Her magic is great, so expect her to sit in the back row and fling spell after spell.

An old man with amnesia found near the meteorite. Despite his hardest efforts, all he can remember is his name. His stamina stat is best, so expect him to have plenty of HP despite moving real slow.  Is really a king from another world. And is now dead. 

Faris Scherwiz
The captain of the pirates around Tycoon. Faris is best chums with a sea dragon named Slydra, which allows their ship to sail without wind. Faris' pirates are ridiculous stereotypes. Faris uses inane pirate talk even in formal settings. By Neptune's briny beard! Despite acting rough, Faris has a nice side, especially for estranged princesses.  Is really a woman and Lenna's long lost sister and a princess. Whew. 

A girl with some relation to Galuf.  Is Galuf's Granddaughter. Her parents are DEAD, so she's a princess and next in line for Bal's throne. Queen of Bal due to Galuf's death. She obtains all of Galuf's abilities and becomes a Light Warrior.  

A warlock  from Galuf's world  who was sealed by the crystals. It shouldn't be surprising that he isn't sealed anymore. His magic powers are incredibly strong.

Cid Previa
Professor living in Karnak, who made the crystal amplification machines. Feeling guilty over creating the machines that broke the crystals, he helps the party in any way he can, mostly in fancy boats.

Mid Previa
Cid's grandson. He is much like his Grandfather: A master engineer who assists the party with fancy boats. Mid is more lackadaisical in demeanor than his grandfather.

King Alexander Highwind Tycoon
Lenna's dad. He checks on the Wind Crystal and vanishes henceforth. Finding him is one of Lenna's goals.   He's dead now.  

Dorgann Klauser
Bartz' dad  and one of the four Dawn Warriors . All of his appearances have him wanting to protect crystals. Died of an illness during his travels. His wife didn't fare much better, honestly.

Kelger Vlondett
Leader of Qeulb, the werewolf town.  One of the four Dawn Warriors.  He gets beaten up within minutes of appearing.  He died from those injuries or age or something.  

Xezat Matias Surgate
A king  From Galuf's world. One of the four Dawn Warriors.  Described as a swordsman but he only attacks with magic sparkles or by what looks like tackling his enemies. Early 90's spritework, folks.

Exdeath's trusted Lieutenant. How he got there when he isn't very good at his job is beyond me. Still the best character.

(stat changes are (strength/agility/stamina/magic)

Can equip anything. Not much else at first, but gets all the innate abilities and highest stats of all mastered classes. (0/0/0/0)

Bunch of HP and attack power. Can use !Guard to block all physical damage.(+23/+1/+20/-14)

Guys in dragon-themed armor who jump up really high and cleave skulls open with their spears. (+18/+5/+15/-12)

Fights unarmed for a high critical hit rate and counterattacks. Very high HP and Strength. (+26/+1/+26/-23)

Can steal items, run very fast, prevent back attacks, and see hidden passages. (+1/+16/+2/-6)

Amazing offensive monsters who can wield two weapons and throw weapons to deal tons of damage. (+15/+14/+3/-10)

Sword fighters who use Katanas. Innately avoids physical attacks. Can throw your life savings away for sublime damage. (+19/+2/+19/-12)

They fight. As in, you cannot command them and they only attack. Simultaneously the coolest class and the absolute worst class. (+21/-5/+25/-23)

Rangers use bows to attack from the back row, can summon woodland critters to do random actions, and eventually pick up one very awesome attack. (+16/+12/+1/-5)

Can imbue bladed weapons with magic, imprinting them with elemental damage and statuses. Are very awesome. (+14/+14/+14/+1)

Time Mage:
Uses Time Magic, of which includes Haste, Slow, Stop, Quick, and Comet. The sheer utility often overcomes the lack of direct damage without breaking rods or late-game magic. (-5/+2/-3/+24)

Can cast summons, calling powerful demons and spirits to deal damage. Incredible mutli-target damage and some utility. Are also very awesome. (-10/-1/-1/+33)

Blue Mage:
Learns certain spells from monsters, the unique effects of which can really wreak havoc. Domino masks rule. (-9/+1/+3/+23)

White Mage:
Uses White Magic, which is full of healing and support spells. No real damage source, but can keep the party alive when the going gets rough. (-7/+1/0/+25)

Black Mage:
Uses Black Magic, which is full of devastating damage spells and status magic. Physically frail, but can nuke a lot of bosses. (-9/0/-2/+31)

Red Mage:
Uses both Black and White magic and wield swords. Though they can perform many actions, their low stats and limits to level 3 magic inhibit their effectiveness.(8/+5/-6/+8)

Masters of items and neutering difficulty. Can chug drinks to turn in to level 255 deathlords. Also, mixing elemental absorptions or full HP restorers from death. Hot damn. (+2/+3/+6/-4)

Can capture enemies to release for special attacks and control the actions of monsters. They also whip it good. (+21/-5/+25/-23)

Can spot traps and avoid damage floors. Also have !Earth, which uses various spells depending on the terrain. (+4/+2/+4/+24)

Can dance, which does various things you wish were Swords Dance and Swords Dance, which quadruples damage. Worst HP in the game, but can equip ribbons. (+5/+5/-10/-5)

Can sing songs that inflict statuses or increase stats. Otherwise, have fun chipping at enemies with a nearly nonexistent vigor stat and no real source of damage. Entirely dependent on getting good songs which doesn't happen until late in the game.(-8/+8/-9/+11)

Learns Dark Artes, strong spells of various elements, by killing specific monsters. Has a stupid auto-undead effect. Is useless because the hardest bosses are already dead by the time you get it. (+4/+1/+21/+29)

Can use abilities that don't actually work that well due to enemy immunities or due to simply being less powerful than things you already have. Still has the highest magic. (-9/-1/-4/+36)

Napoleon Bonaparte was an artillery commander before becoming emperor of France. Fire some cannons or combine gunpowder with things like ninja scrolls and produce explosions. (+9/+6/+6/+4)

Hits for a ton of physical damage and uses every good weapon. Wears a cool mask. (+26/+14/+3/-4)

Can mimic things. Gets the same benefits from mastered jobs that the Freelancer does. (0/0/0/0)
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