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Part 58: This story is happy end

Chapter 54: This story is happy end

You sure about that, mysterious anonymous foreboding prophecy?

Oh okay he's fine, despite sparkling with every movement and apparently residing in the vast emptiness of space. Really, everyone sparkles up a few dozen screens and delivers a line before someone else sparkles. It's absurd.

But-but we beat Exdeath!
Is it because the crystals are all gone?
The world will be engulfed by the Void...

Suddenly Krile launches upwards really fast!

I missed Faris's thing but it was something like "Courage, strengthen the flame." Or some such symbolic trite.

But suddenly, in the Pyramid of Moore...

The Earth Crystal forms!

As does the Water Crystal!

The Fire Crystal does too, I assure you. I can't believe I fucked this up twice...

And places get unswallowed by the Void!

The world, it's being reborn...
And the crystals as well...
There was still power remaining in the crystal shards.
Thank goodness...
Lenna... Faris... Krile... It's because you took such good care of the shards...
Don't forget yourself, Burtz.
Or Grandpa!
Now, the wind will return to Tycoon...
Correct, my dear.

Some dead old guys fly in!

The world still needs you.
It's too early for you kids to be meeting us!
Go, return to your world... the one you saved!

Xezat and Kelger haven't said a peep since they died.

Their magic soul powers make a dragon that can fly out of black holes or something. What can't magic soul powers do?

...Revive the dead... ...Like Gilgamesh...

Oh yeah, the Wind Crystal reforms. Must've been caught in traffic on its way here.

You know, since starting this LP, I've actually started using Must've elsewhere? And I keep calling Bartz 'Burtz' outside of this LP? It's getting to me.

Oh hey, the epilogue is a letter.

Since then, I've traveled all over. Seems like everything's become peaceful, like before.

Oh that Faris, committing acts of piracy and treason!

April 15th.

The Bal Succession War rages on. The few remaining nobles with ties to the royalty vie for power. The key to winning lies in convincing the 12 soldiers who survived the fight with Exdeath who they should side with. The soldiers, their loyalties torn, choose to stand still until things solve themselves. The legitimate heir could easily claim the throne, but she was too busy talking to Moogles.

The half price potions were too tempting.

What's there to see, Burtz? What corner of the world haven't you already scoured?

I'd say so.

Lenna and Faris are busy with running Tycoon and all, and Burtz is off on another journey. If... if any of the others happens to ask about me... No, I'm sure they'll come. Tell them I can't wait to meet again...
Krile... You worked so hard. Everyone fought well...

Oh hey a montage of Burtz. Here, he's failing.

Here, he's beating an old man to the brink of death.

Here, he's lusting after a person who, as far as Burtz knows, has a penis.

Our hero!

Lenna getting poisoned.

Lenna getting poisoned.

Faris is really a girl, yadda yadda yadda...

Fuck this, on to the rest of the ending...

If Grandpa hadn't saved me back then... The crystals have been restored, and everything's peaceful. But... for some reason, I'm sad... I guess it's just that... Since Granpda died... I've been all alone...

Galuf was...

A total badass.

...See you, Grandpa.

We're here with you.
Buck up, Kiddo!
Everyone! You made it!
As if there was any doubt. Like I'd forget about a friend after we were together for so long!
...Everyone... you...
Tears don't really suit you, Krile. You have to be strong.
Galuf's laughing at your blubbering, kiddo.


*sniffle* Heh heh, you're right... *sniff* He is laughing. The crystals have regained their power. This time it's up to us to protect them.
Like Dad and the others did...
Say, do you hear that?
...Aye, that I do.
Grandpa's voice?

The ripping of the water?
Just the crackling of flames...
The settling of the earth...
Dunno... I'm not sure what it is, but...
...I can hear it...
Yes... something warm... Let's go!

Go where?

To some fucking MODE 7 MOTHERFUCKERS!

Of course, since this is one of the Advance remakes, there's stuff after the final boss.


Killing Shinryu. A lot.