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Part 51: Cave behind the Waterfall

Chapter 48: Cave behind the Waterfall

Having only 3 of the things bites me in the ass soon enough.

Shoat's forest got replaced by a waterfall.

A waterfall with a cave that contains smaller waterfalls.

Quick + Syldra

Istory Falls contains some new toys.

It's also pointlessly long.


Syldra blasts some more things.

Why is this here.

Two paths. One is so pointless that I forget if it even leads to anything.

A useless treasure!

It uses MP to cause criticals like the Rune Axe. This sword has even less power and use than that axe.

Hey! A Tonberry!

FF5 gives the player 12 different ways to obliterate a single target. Tonberries don't stand a chance in this game.

I'm jaded when it comes to ABP sources now. 15 is so little compared.

Press the switch to stop the water, dash to the treasure, and get it.

Running into an encounter ruins the whole thing. Keep that in mind.

It's a protect ring! These things are always handy.

B3 has some treasures in it, and one important random encounter.

Steel Fists are just regular 'attack-until-dead' dudes, but they carry an important drop...

More Kaiser Knucks!

It's a blessed life to have 3 reflect rings already.

Still some Istory to go through.

The pits on this floor are more annoying than anything.

It's stronger than Yoichi's Bow. It's just sitting here.

I hate axes. I hate axes a lot. They're so useless. The only classes that can use them are either useless or have access to better stuff anyway.

Navigate around this hole...

And grab the Enhancer! At 102 power, it's the long-awaited upgrade to the Great Sword from way-back-when, and it carries a +3 boost to magic!

The ways to F5 and F6 are holes in the ground.

I fucking hate these spikes. They hit for 1,000 and require a Curaga or 8 hi-potions argh!

Despite passing one up in Moore, I get an Aegis Shield anyway. I also have two Flame Shields and both Flame and Coral rings protect from fire anyway. Being flame-retardant is easy.

Fall down this hole to get to the tablet.

And no goon trying to kill me for it! I guess they thought the spikes would do well enough.

This guy is such a jobber he hides himself with his own text.

Hey Leviathan, how's it hangin'?

Blue filters usually mean healing, but in this case it means drowning and water pressure.

Well thanks!

Hey, Leviathan's a SEA DRAGON! Let's FIGHT HIM!

Yeah whatever.


He opened with Tail. I'm used to him using nothing but Tidal Wave.

Leviathan has a lightning weakness. Let's poke it!

Quick makes setting up defensive spells easy. The optional bosses practically mandate them, while it's just me practicing to use them here.

Leviathan pounds out two Tidal Waves in record time, downing Krile (who lacks a Coral Ring) and making her miss boss ABP as every one else has entered commands. This is the last time something like this happens, okay?

Thundaga hurts, man.

Burtz' Thundaga-powered !Rapidfire with the Chicken Knife hits for 28,000 total.

Leviathan just sits there, amazed...

...Then promptly dies.

A full set of Reflect Rings. It's a blessed life indeed.

Leviathan isn't as easily boosted as Syldra, so he just sits uselessly. He'd hit harder if water-boosting equipment was more common.

Jump in this tributary to get out of the falls.

Last 3 weapons!

I actually end up using this one. The zombie/dragon killing spell hits very hard.

Useless. Which of the guys who sealed Enuo used this one? I imagine he was the team dork.

I guess I have to get this waste of space.

Exdeath's Souls hate Holy spellblades.

Their the repeatable source of Dark Matter. Dragon Fangs are where the cool mixes are at, though.

No one knows the cause of the earthquake... I wonder if some underground volcano erupted. If only we had a submarine, we could go take a look, but...