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Part 23: Everyone but the Villain sucks at their jobs, Or, Melodrama Pt. 2

Chapter 21: Everyone but the Villain sucks at their jobs, Or, Melodrama Pt. 2

Why is the king talking like an uncultured cur?

Silence! There is no time for chatter!

Make yourselves useful and defeat it!


In reality, the only time Archie here has a weakness is at the start, when he's weak to wind. Otherwise, he absorbs fire, ice, or lightning. At all points, he's immune to earth as he's flying in the air or something.

He's no slouch when it comes to offense. He's got a powerful Breath Wing, Blaze, Thunder, and strong physicals. Faris spends a good chunk of the fight spamming Cura.

Shirukens are worth the 2500 gil sometimes.

Rods broken: 13

It's not 'at will,' either. Archie has 4 forms with 1600 HP each-when one reaches 0 HP, the next form appears-and it's always in the order of wind/ice/fire/lightning. Each form uses a different spell.

After beating the 4th form, Archie dies...

...Then undies.

Oh! Look at it! Such energy! This is the true power of the crystals...!

Revived Archie ups the ante by about 239 notches. He casts wildly Flame, Breath Wing, Maelstrom (pictured. Reduces those affected to single-digit HP), and has a confusion-inflicting physical attack. He now is immune to Earth, Wind, Fire, Ice, and Lightning.

However, Archie has one crippling problem...

He's level 20.

Faris will stop having to worry about leveling Summoner until endgame sidequests.

He then walks to the crystal chamber...

Galuf decides to go about the next segment entirely nude.

Apparently he's doing something naughty, as Galuf says...

This is bad! Something's gotta be controlling him!

Don't even try it!
Step aside!

Then something blows up...

And everyone's dead in the knocked down and wounded position that will be around until the game's over.

Then the wall blows up!

And a little girl walks in!

And she shoots King Tycoon with her Glock!

And she's Galuf's granddaughter!?

And Galuf's amnesia... gone!

Oh, don't worry. I just hit him with a little strike of Thunder! He should be okay.

It really is you... Sarisa! I can't believe it! You're alive!
Papa... Papa!

As if almost on cue...


-shit! The Earth crystal breaks!

The warlock Exdeath's seal is broken!

Exdeath then decides to ruin everyone's day to very nice music.

Smite these vermin!
You think we're going to sit back and let you do whatever you want!?

Burtz gets smote first for speaking up.

Hah! The crystals have been destroyed! Next shall be your world, Galuf!!!

King Tycoon doesn't take being smote sitting down, though...

I fear your work is unfinished. You must not allow the world to disappear into nothingness...

Crystals don't take well to commands.

King Tycoon uses his own life force to break the crystals free of Exdeath's magic...

You can't die!
Sarisa... Forgive me... I wasn't... much of a father... Lenna... Sarisa... Please, stay together... become each other's strength... Burtz... take care of them... as I cannot...
Wait-Father! You can't-
Don't-don't leave us!


What's going on?!
It's the ruins-they're falling!
We've gotta get out of here! Everybody to the airship!

Yeah, of course they escape. I haven't had control except for pressing A since I stepped in to the earth crystal chamber.

Yeah... We've got to get moving, and now!
Huh? what's going on?
It's all come back to me- I remember everything.
Exdeath is an evil warlock from my world... Thirty years ago, he came here to destroy this world's crystals. I and three others-the Dawn Warriors-sealed him with the power of the crystals. Everything was fine for thirty years...we thought it was all over.

Once we figured it out, we took the meteors and came back here... But I was too late... Exdeath's not only been freed, but he's returned to our world...
That's because we used too much of the crystal's power, right?
No... we were the ones who left Exdeath on this world in the first place. Back then, we should have dragged him back to our world, like he said...

Probably only enough for one more trip, though. Burtz, Lenna, Faris... thank you so much for everything. I'll miss you guys.


We're following him.


Hot damn! Icicles!


I really wanted to use this gag but it'd clash so much with the rest of the scene so...


Watch me.

The end.