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Part 24: Worldhoppin'

Chapter 22: Worldhoppin'

As good of a lead as any.

All we find is a note of his.

Oh please, we've been nearly smote by the Earth crystal.

...By which mechanic, then, does the Earth crystal smite?

Woah. Bright.

Say... do you think the meteorite could be recharging? Perhaps it would be enough for us to travel to Galuf's world!

So we're going to the 3 other meteorites in an amazing fetch quest that offers no expierence and 16 ABP.

So at the Walse meteorite...

Bombs show up for no reason other than to have a fight with a dumb gimmick.


Purobolos is one name Square could never quite settle on. In the Anthologies version, it was Byurobolos. In FFX, Buroboros. Either way, I can't find if it's actually based on anything.

Hit all 6 of 'em at once. Sure, they react to summons with Cura, but they have shitty magic and can't heal worth crap.

Rods broken: 14

When they run out of HP, they cast Arise before dying. However, if they're all dying at the same time, they cast Arise before any one of them have expired.

What dumb creatures.

Anyway, at Karnak's meteorite...

...I have to do all the work.


All Titan does is sock you in the face or cast Earth Shaker for ~500 damage.

Burtz has a shiruken to fling in to Titan's eyeballs. 1530 damage worth of gouged eyeballs.

Rods broken: 15
That's 11,250 gil worth of rod, just for you guys.

He casts Earth Shaker upon dying anyway.

Titan costs 25 MP, is earth elemental, and will soon rock the fuck out of everything that doesn't fly.

Gohn's meteorite...

Cid and Mid are retards who get stuck in simple traps.


I hate the Manticore because he just uses Blaze and Thunder and Frost and he really likes men.

Also his Ice absorption makes no sense.

Rods broken: 18
That's 5 this chapter. Dammit.

And I don't even get to ride in a meteorite. Fuck you, Mid. You made it this lame somehow.

Note that the warp point is surrounded by seas and mountains and I have to leave the Airship there. This can't possibly come back to haunt us.

Lenna says bye to the Chancellor. Note, she isn't telling him she's leaving forever and that the king is dead.

Tycoon's only other heir is shuffling off of this planet either.

Burtz's whole town sucks except for the guy with half-price Ethers.



Goodbye, world!

Hey, isn't that spot a little... isolated? And aren't they falling a little fast?


Burtz and his companions hit the ground at terminal velocity, instantly ending their lives.


What next time, they're dead!

 Well not really.