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Part 25: How not to make an entrance

Chapter 23: How not to make an entrance

It certainly is rather... dark.

The only enemy on the tiny island is Pao. Pao drops tents.

Periodically, Lenna nags at you to put up a tent.

When you pitch a tent (stop snickering.)...

Lenna and Faris decide to have a heart-to-heart chat about royalty things.

It was way back when we were on North Mountain... Why'd you risk your life just to save that drake?
Sister... Do you remember Mother?
Aye, it was a fun game Eh? ...Mmm, a little...
Whenever I see Hiryu, I'm reminded of her...
How do you mean?

The fire suddenly goes out.

Then a monster casually strolls over...

...And effortlessly kidnaps Lenna and Faris without either putting up a fight.

Another monster shows up to take Burtz, but he isn't giving up that easily!


However, the Abductor is a punk who only manages to hit Burtz one of the 4 times he tries. Besides the huge-ass Gold Shield, Samurai have an innate ability to block physical attacks.


There's a chest!

And the chest is full of knockout gas! It doesn't matter if we beat the Abductor or not!

Exdeath stands as a good entrance. He has a very evil sounding theme, cackles ominously, and mocks the protagonists all the while. Burtz and company? They bungle into a trap and just yell empty threats.

Burtz! Look up in the sky!
A bird...? No, wait-it's our reflections!

Hell's Bells! Everybody, Fall back!

Watch them. See that they don't try anything.
Exdeath! You...



Burtz and the others need my help!

So Galuf just heaves his gigantic pair of balls on the Wind Drake and flies up to Exdeath's castle and busts in that way.

And when he's done, he'll heave his balls at the front door and break it down.

Not like he needs anything other than a sword to cleave things with.

Haha, stupid goblins!

No clue why it's shelled, but Galuf busts it open with ease either way.

Galuf, man of the ages!


Gligamesh is the best character in FF5. He may not seem it right now, but you haven't seen anything yet.

The Ancient Sword olds Gilgamesh, constantly reducing his damage output.

After a thrashing about the head and neck...

W-Well.. Um. Well then! That's enough of a beating for today! Don't step out of line again!

...And so the way is clear.

Sorry for messing up your plans... We just wanted-
Whatever! I'll verbally berate you later, after we blow this pop stand!

So we blow this pop stand.

Actually, we're about halfway through the leveling I'll do for this whole game. Weapons and Abilities quickly get ludicrous.


Holy shit, a bunch of monsters!

P.S. Gilgamesh has a huge portrait 'cause he's Gilgamesh.