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Part 26: Clash on the Big Bridge

Hey, whaddaya know, I'm enjoying updating my LP.

Chapter 24: Clash on the Big Bridge

For maximum effect, have one of the many versions of Clash on the Big Bridge playing during this chapter.

Hoo boy, it's gonna take a while too.

That's right, the Big Bridge is nothing but a gauntlet of monsters. No sissy puzzles here, just conflict!

And who the hell do you guys think you are?

Dead, that's what!

Some more? I'll take all you bastards on!

Little Chariots and Merrows are weak to electric. Ramuh, a rod boosted Thundara, and a Lightning Skill all clear out a whole group.

Kill! KILL!

Not even exploding at Galuf can stop him!

His foot, however, stops all of them.

How many must die this day?

Flying Killers don't have an electric weakness, but since they have like half a hit point, they die fast anyway.

Oh yeah?


And what makes you guys think you'll fare any better?

Since, clearly, you didn't.

Woah what?

Ha ha! Guess who's been waiting behind this door the whole time? Yes, it's me! Took you long enough, too... I was just getting worried you might have gotten lost! Anyway! It's go time!


Yeah, he casts some Blue Magic.

However, between Galuf punching his face in...

And Faris and Lenna's spells...

Fighting all four of you... just too tough for me...

...NOT! Ha, I lied! Like a rug! Oh, I kill me!

Then he starts using Jump and busts characters in their faces. With Protect, Shell, and Haste, he's actually very rough.

However, Burtz uses the Samurai's special technique! Zenniage flings a large chunk of your gil at an enemy...

For amazing results.

Urgh! ...Goodness gracious! I, uh, just remembered something! See ya! I must take my leave... but we'll meet again! Count on it!

Be sure to heal up after beating Gilgamesh.

The Big Bridge isn't done yet!

Neo Garula absorbs lightning to contrast with Merrows and Little Chariots. Still, Galuf punches in his face.

Blown out of existence!

I shall break your... Oh it's just Krile.

Grandpa! The barrier-look out!!!

That isn't so bad.

That is so bad.

However, Burtz and company don't escape indoors fast enough and are flung to the far north!

Poor Krile, Galuf's hurtling through the air again...


Any idea where this is?
Yeah... This has gotta be Gloceana... the back of the beyond! Crawling with monsters, too. Figures we'd be thrown someplace like this...

As usual! I mean it, yanno. You reall didn't have to come... Meddlesome bums, the lot of you.

After the Big Bridge, we need some rest. G'night.


Burtz whores himself out, among other things!