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Part 41: The worst waltz in history

Chapter 38: The worst waltz in history

Slowly, Burtz and the team wake up...

That's Castle Tycoon...
We're back home?!


Well, whaddaya know, we're back home.

The chancellor wishes to speak with you.

The king's passing was a great loss... However, we must do our best to continue on without him. Additionally, Princess Sarisa has returned, when we thought her dead... It is cause for celebration!
Sarisa... My true name...
Yes, my lady.
The name papa gave me...

Oh boy! A dance!

Come now, Princess!

She-she's gorgeous!

Burtz, I think you're blushing!
I-I am not!

And so, the dance begins.

Let me tell you, Waltz for the Moon this ain't.

Compared to Squall and Rinoa, this is painful.

Krile blows this Popsicle stand.

The dancers only move to stop Burtz from seeing Lenna or Faris. Yup, add it to the list of illogical and insurmountable barriers: dancers.

To advance the plot, go talk to Krile on the balcony.'re you holding up?
All right... It's not so painful anymore, but... I guess I just feel anxious. It's like Granpda is fussing at us to hurry.
Mm, I think I get it. Let's check it out.
Huh? What?
We're back in my world. There's gotta be a reason for that, right? Let's find out what it is.

Of course, the dancers are adamant about not letting you at the royalty.

What about the girls?
No way they can slip away, so...

Oh, I remember that time like it was yesterday...

Alright, that's enough for today.
Whew... I'm pooped!
Your mother has asked you to put Princess Lenna to bed. Take care of that while I mark your test, please.
And come straight back here! No dawdling!
Okay... Aw, man...

Papa! Papuuu!
Flyin' up high is s'posed t'be the bestest thing ever, Papa says. An' when you look down on them, all the people're s'posed to look like they cast Float on themselves!

Whatever unique combination of adorable and pointless this scene was, it still has a very small window of opportunity.

Boko might still be over in that cave to the west...
He's my prized chocobo-and my best friend.
Oh, really?
What? You don't believe me?
Well, you're so poor at riding wind drakes...

Maybe it's just me, but the landscape seems different...

NEXT TIME: and plot!