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Part 40: Vs. Exdeath!

Chapter 37: Vs. Exdeath!

Floor eleven! It's huge and empty.

Even the chests are empty here.


Ohh, you guys are sooo burned!

Like hell I'm taking that one sitting down

Yeah, Gilgamesh still uses strong physicals with some Blue magic mixed in.

This is the first time I've cast Esuna, I think. Also, Krile's sunglasses sit snugly on her forehead due to her height.

I remember, not too long ago, when 1600 from a boosted Bio was a lot. Trust me, damage starts rocketing up.

Already, our fourth rumble! I must say, I quite enjoy these tussles. I fell we've gained an understanding... understanding that I will pound you silly! Ha ha!

Say... what happened to that spry old fellow?
He...he fought Exdeath, and...
...I see.

White Wind will be a staple of boss fights, as it bypasses reflect and in some situations out-heals Curaga.

Enough expository banter! We fight like men! And ladies!

For Gilgamesh... It is morphing time!


Exploding him doesn't work now!

Let's see how good this Excalibur really is!

Have at you!

Ehh? I've been had! This is far from the strongest of swords! I feel so betrayed!
You worthless fool! For you continued bungling, I banish you from this dimension!
Wh-what? No! Anything but that!


Gilgamesh is gone now...

We get the Excaliburpoor, a 99 power sword that often misses and hits for one when it does. It's still a 99 power sword for Goblin Punch and !Throw, though.

With some level adjustment, we're ready!  Lenna's going to be forced out of the party for a whole dungeon later anyway. 

Floor 12! Nothing here but a path to...

Floor 13 and Exdeath himself!

Exdeath! No way we're letting you get away with it!

Wha? No, but...
You all fight so fiercely, yet have no idea of the truth... Hmph.

You mean you'll turn it to a world full of evil!
Believe what you wish. Simple fools such as yourselves could never hope to understand my motives. It matters not. I will tolerate no more interruptions!

Cue awesome music.Or if you prefer, the Advance version.


He starts off with a Condemn on Faris, giving her 30 ATB units before instant death. This is the last attack of his which will connect.

Golem blocks his devistating physical hits. Vacuum Wave can hit for over 1,000!

Hastega is simply put, broken.

After Carbuncle, the whole party has Reflect. I abuse this by having Lenna target a Firaga on all four of them.

He takes two Firagas worth of damage.

While not as visually impressive, Krile still does around 2500 damage a round.

After losing so much HP, he starts acting twice in a row. However, it mixes physical hits(which Golem blocks) and ~aga magic (which Carbuncle bounces back for amazing effect).

After one reflected Firaga too many...

Exdeath crumbles away, defeated...

They... they're breaking!

Oh crap!

Oh crap!

Oh shit!

With all the crystals broken, what will happen?!

Like I'm going to tell you. CLIFFHANGER!