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Part 29: Good Morning, Celes!

Chapter 29: Good Morning, Celes!

Welcome to the World of Ruin. Such a lovely place.

This is known as the Solitary Island, a short distance from where the nation of Maranda used to be. Maranda's moved a ways since we last saw it, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Inside that broken-down house, we see a couple of familiar faces. Cid had walked in and checked the stove before sitting down, but Celes hadn't stirred until a few seconds later. This is an event.

Cid: You're finally awake...
: I... feel like I've been sleeping forever...
Cid: For one year, actually...I thought you were out for good.
: A whole year...You've watched over me the whole time?

A whole year in the same outfit...I'm glad that we can't smell them right now.

Cid: Yes, and I'm about out of energy. We're on a tiny, deserted island. After the world crumbled, I awoke to find us here together with...a few strangers.
: The world...! So, it wasn't just a dream.

Cid: I don't know. I only know we're here...Maybe we're the only people left alive...Since that day, the world's continued its slide into ruin. Animals and plants are dying...The few others who washed up here with us passed away of boredom and despair.
: My friends... they're probably all gone...
Cid:'re the closest thing to family that I have...we could just live out our lives here peacefully...

We could, but that wouldn't really make for exciting gameplay, would it?

Cid: Gramps, eh? I'm overwhelmed! All of a sudden I have a granddaughter! Cough...Wheeze...
: My long-lost Granddad...

Normally I'd say that Celes has gone nuts, but given the hopelessness of the situation before her, any sort of joy is probably welcome. And besides which, Cid did technically raise her.

Cid: I...I haven't eaten in about 3 or so days, ever since I became ill.
: What would you like?
Cid: Well, unless I ask for fish, I won't get anything! That's all there is here!
: I'll go catch some.

Catching fish, eh? Bit of a step down from saving the world, but at least we can't botch this one, right?

As an aid in our fish-gathering quest, Celes has all the Espers to train with.

Items and equipment too. Apparently the party's entire store of gear got washed up onto this island with Celes. That's helpful.

Not that we'll need them. Most of the creatures on this island are so sickly that they kill themselves. No fish though.

Fortunately, there's a fish right here next to a beach south from the house. We quickly snatch it up and bring it back...

And Cid just gobbles it down raw.

Cid: I...I'm not long for this cruel, new world...

Sounds dire. Better get him some more fish.

As we head back to the beach, we notice that certain fish move faster than others. Believe it or not, which fish we gather affects what happens to our ailing adoptive grandfather. However, since it doesn't affect gameplay, I'm going to put it up to a vote.

Fast fish or slow fish. This might be important.