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by Blastinus

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Original Thread: We prefer to call it "Treasure Hunting." Let's Play Final Fantasy VI (SNES)



If you know anything about RPG's, you've probably heard of the Final Fantasy series. Whether you've heard good or bad things has probably depended entirely on who you've heard it from. While the series' graphics quality and music can generally be considered to be some of the best of the genre, Square-Enix's tendency to revamp the gameplay of each installment, not to mention the emphasis on character development and personal interactions, has resulted in games that can best be described as hit-or-miss.

Final Fantasy VI, I feel, is a fairly tenuous "hit." On the downside, the game has quite a few major programming quirks that suck much of the difficulty from it, and the game's principal gameplay element makes almost every member of the game's ensemble (fourteen characters, each with their own unique gimmick) relatively homogenized near the end of the game. On the other hand, the game flows quite well, featuring a gameplay system that's easy to get into and offers a little more variety than your standard "Attack and heal" setup. Whether that makes up for its deficiencies or not is up for debate.

One major aspect of the game that I feel makes it worth playing is the English translation of it. Created by one Ted Woolsey in the space of a month, the localization is considerably quirky, especially in regards to the game's main antagonist, but still manages to bring the original language's message across. Even in later translations that took the original Japanese script more literally, some of Woolsey's most notable lines have still been retained, just because of how much people associate them with the characters.

So how will this LP work?

Seeing as this is an RPG, I'll be doing a screenshot LP, providing links to the game's soundtrack when applicable. This LP is going to be informative first, with a genuine effort to be entertaining as well. I'm going to be going for every sidequest in the game, as well as showing off all of the many MANY glitches that you can pull off.

So far as a schedule goes, I should be able to update at least two or three times a week, school permitting. As for you guys, discussions of gameplay and party members are fine, but I beg of you:

No untagged plot spoilers. If we haven't seen it yet, tag it.

With that out of the way, let's begin.

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