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Part 59: Part the Elevened

Let's Low-Level Run Final Fantasy 6: Part the Elevened

The World of Ruin

Celes washes ashore after that dreadful Cid sequence with little chance of fighting anything on the world map. Good thing I have all those Smoke Bombs.

Our first stop is not Albrook, not Tzen, nor Mobliz, but Nikeah... pick up some Enhancers. Had to sell a few tents for these. The boost to MBlock is appreciable at this point, but at 69 Celes is not exactly what I would call reliably evasive. This will be fixed soon, but not soon enough.

We'll ride a chocobo (mercifully rentable in Nikeah) all the way back to Tzen to pick up Sabin.

The collapsing house isn't hard even in a LLG because you can run from everything, even the monsters-in-boxes. Get all the good treasure, grab the kid, and hoof it.

Also, I like how Woolsey didn't have room for "Night Stalker" so he went with "Pm Stalker." Classy.

Rather than go all the way back to Nikeah, we can walk north of Tzen a touch and find a chocobo stable hidden in the forest. It's a little less hidden now, what with being the only trees anywhere near Tzen.

Oh and we're skipping Phunbaba. Fuck that.

Figaro Castle

Still pretty dangerous. Underestimate all this early-WoR stuff at your peril, you're not invincible... yet.

Prep for Tentacles. Main thing is to use the right relic combo. Be patient and heal often and three of the four tentacles will kill themselves with Bio and Poison reflection. The final tentacle is not immune to Poison damage, but can't get the Poison status, so kill it once the others are dead.

Edgar's not much help yet. Anyway, pick up a Debilitator. It's not great, but it can be helpful.

Not against these guys though. Their Sand Storm attack will kill you outright. Yeesh.

Darill's Tomb

This is the most important item in the dungeon for a LLG. Not for the item itself, mind you. But you want to get it.

This, on the other hand, is no help at all!

Presenter's head and shell are both vulnerable to Petrify. Normally you can't utilize this to double-kill the boss and get two Dragon Claws, but as it happens, the Shoat summon is a MT Petrify.

Dullahan is the last thing between you and ultimate LLG power, and unfortunately he's one of the game's most tedious bosses. All you do, basically, is Runic and let him run out of MP. This takes forever. You don't want to attack him in any way (not even with Rasp) because he counterattacks and kills your guys. Reviving them over and over gets old, so I took the lazy way. The video isn't the whole thing because it sucked.

And that gets us back an airship! Unfortunately now that I have absolute freedom I'm going to exploit it with sequence-breaking power grabs, so I'll have to pause here for a potentially long time lest I show things Blastinus hasn't. If it should so happen he does everything I've already done it should be fine, but the odds aren't fantastic. Anyway, next time we'll become immortal.

New Old Characters

Sabin: In the WoR, Sabin gets a major upgrade as soon as you have the Falcon. His offense is quite impressive at this stage in a LLG, but his defense is bad. MBlock% isn't happening for him, and his Defense ain't exactly great either. Still, if you can keep him alive he will consistently do lots of damage to any boss you care to fight. That matters.

Edgar: Edgar's offense takes kind of a dive in the WoR, but he's the third-easiest character to max out MBlock% on, and so that makes him very important to my plans. He can do defense-ignoring damage like Sabin, but nowhere near as much. Overall, Edgar is great support since he's guaranteed to stay alive, but he doesn't do the damage that Terra and Celes can put out. On the other hand, the Noiseblaster and Debilitator are still useful...

Setzer: Regrettably, Setzer's just not optimal at all. His armor choices are poor (bad Defense options, bad MBlock% options), though he can still cobble together an okay amount of it. His main problem is his weapon selection. Unless you do a particular thing (which I will do!) as early as possible (and I shall!), his offensive output is poor. Even then, his offense isn't great. However, he gets a defense-ignoring basic attack that can do more damage than a lot of folks. It's hampered somewhat by his low level, but so is everybody's offense. Still, Setzer is not exactly top tier.