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Part 15: goddammit indy

Last time on LPFFVIA, Aeris embraced her otherkin self and flew off screaming something about "fursecution". We're going after her, because we're idiots. And also because the Empire wants to use her as a magical WMD or something, I dunno, I'm kind of foggy on that whole "plot" thing.


Just like the battle before, each character has something to say to us if we talk to them. Thus:

Bruce do his best!

When she flew off, she almost looked like... an esper.

I told Aeris I'd keep her safe...

We're counting on you to find Aeris!

Hurry and find Aeris! I'll keep an eye on things here in Narshe.

Please find Aeris... The future of the world rests in her hands.

Banon is full of shit

I heard Aeris turned into a ball of light and shot away towards the west.
Perhaps someone at Figaro Castle saw where she went.

Next stop: Figaro.

Well, next stop after I loot Narshe, because now we finally get to explore the place.

There's a house just south of Arvis' place...

...that's just asking for an enterprising th...reasure hunter to come along and lighten its burden.

I mean "steal everything that isn't nailed down". Or locked, because apparently Indy can't pick locks. Some thief he is.

I believe this loot is what professionals would refer to as "phat"!

The thief's knife is not as good as it looks. What the description means is that it occasionally attempts to steal, which honestly isn't that impressive.

This weapon is buyable in Narshe's weapon store. It's stronger and hits equally hard from the back row and is pretty much superior in every way.

(I probably didn't explain this before, but characters can be placed in the "front" or "back" row in combat; back row characters take half damage from physical attacks, but also deal half damage, with some exceptions - this being one of them.)

Basically, to use the thief knife, I'd have to put Indy in the front row, and thus take twice as much damage, or keep him in the back and sacrifice 1/4 of my damage output, all for the odd potion.

The Thief's Bracer claims it "increases" your chance to steal items. It actually doubles it, so yes, this should be on Indy at any time you intend to use that skill.

I also got Meryl a chain flail, because it's hilarious. She can't use Runic while wielding it, but I don't foresee a problem with that.

NPCs are a little less hostile now.



But we were heading to Figaro, so we should get on that. Entering with the royal brothers in the party triggers a scene... but we only get to see the beginning of it for now.

Anyway, it looked like she was headed towards the mountains in the west.

Thank you, nameless mook, your help shall be remembered even if your name won't.

One fun thing is that Tim gets a special reaction even from the merchants.

You have a family, don't you? Just be quiet and take it.

Even so,

...they give him a 50% discount.

If you're ever going to stock up on items, this is the way to do it.

To trigger the rest of Matt's scene, we have to get some rest, and instead of fading out and back in as usual... fades to Matt in the throne room.

He then proceed to sit in Tim's chair.

AUDIO: Coin Song
Nothing can ever really be the same... Not after what happened...

The screen pans down into a happily not piss-yellow flashback.

So... Dad... didn't make it...

Your father just said he would entrust Figaro to the two of you. Those were his... final words.

You all make me sick! Everyone's saying that the Empire had Dad poisoned...
...and the only thing any of you can think about is who'll be the next king! No one's even sad!

This scene is actually very similar to the SNES version.

None of you probably cared when Mom died after we were born, either...

did you just punch the old lady


Empire of murderers...! They won't get away with this!

Let's forget this crazy kingdom, and live our lives how we want to!
You said you didn't want to be a king, right?

A life of freedom, huh...?
...What do you think would happen to Figaro if both of us left?
There'd be no one to take the throne. Dad was counting on us to take care of the kingdom...

If it's heads, you win. Tails, I win.
The winner chooses whichever path he wants... no regrets, no hard feelings. Okay?


Way to ruin the mood, Tim.

And you're a king crab!

Way to burn Tim, Matt.

Don't you ever doubt that! I'm sure he's beaming with pride, wherever he is.

"He'd probably expect you to throw Indy in prison, but apart from that."

Ten years...

Where has the time gone...?

That's your solution to everything.


After emptying the royal wine cellar, Matt and Tim rejoin the others.

Since we have a lead now, let's head west.

The castle sinks...

...we pan across the mountains...

...and we emerge on the other side through a combination of and .

Thank you, I will! But first...

...I have to show off those fancy new power tools Tim bought with his royal discount.

Drill is a physical attack that ignores enemy defence. It may in fact be Tim's best single-target attack, depending on how lucky you feel.

Flash deals magic damage and attempts to blind all enemies. It's not that great, but at least enemies won't absorb it the way they can with Bioblaster.

Kohlingen is just next to where the castle lands, so what are we doing all the way up here? Why, we're visiting crazy people, of course!

My coliseum will be a monument to the glory of battle! ...If I can ever finish it, that is. No one'll help me.

if I were to hazard a guess

I would say that's because

they are all busy fighting actual battles, you worthless fuck

Fuck you, I'm taking your stuff.

Hero's Ring is a relic that combines the powers of an Earring and Gigas Glove, offering +25% to physical and magical damage.

Strangely enough, while the Earring effect stacks, the Gigas Glove effect does not. In other words, Hero's Ring + Earring gives you the maximum boost to both types of damage.

This one goes on Tim for now, because he's really the only one using both kinds of damage right now. Matt usually sticks to Aura Cannon.

One long-ass walk later...

It took off southward, towards Jidoor...

...more clues!

I hate your younger brother and I hope he dies in a cataclysmic world-changing event. Any objections?

That's why you get furry insurance.

Damn it, Aeris.

Oh no, this smells like backstory. Fie!

Aeris demolishing service: knocks houses flat, leaves the people standing. Well, at least it's something.

yeah yeah

Entering Rachel's house causes Indy to start angsting.

AUDIO: Forever Rachel

He angsts so hard, he has a flashback.

There's supposed to be an amazing treasure hidden somewhere in this mountain.
We're gonna find it!

He was about to say something about how she'll soon be legal, then remembered that such things never stopped him before so it doesn't really matter.

He starts to cross the bridge, it starts to shake...

...Rachel pushes him out of the way...

...and takes the fall.

Indy does the only sane and reasonable thing he can think of:

Jump after and end the life his girlfriend just sacrificed herself to save.


Wait, that can't be right.

So by some miracle, they both survived, but...

I... I can't remember anything...

One amnesiac is enough for one game. Go on, get out, we already filled our quota.

Wait! Just let me talk to her...


Some time later, he's still moping around outside.

With you here, she can't even do that...

...but he finally gets the hint and wanders off.

When I finally returned, I found out that Rachel had been killed in an Imperial attack.
Her memory had returned just before she died. The last thing she said was... my name.
I never should have left her side. I... I failed her...

"kind of"
"if you keep your distance"
"for a certain definition of love"


Crazy old coot sits in there mashing up smelly old herbs all day... I even heard he's got a ghost in his basement!

Oh, you mean...

THIS house?

THIS basement?

...So you thought I was kidding about the comatose girl storage in Indy's basement?

Think again.

Indy keeps his girlfriend's corpse freshly preserved in his basement. This is canon.

Hee-hee-hee.. Had to use my herbs, I did! Couldn't very well refuse with you begging me like that...

I wonder if this guy is somehow related to Kefka.

Oh, sorry, you thought we were done with the flashbacks?

You're sure the stuff will work?

Of course, of course! The love of your life will sleep here just like this forever...
...and ever... and ever! Hee-hee-hee...

If there were a way to... call her spirit back...

A way to call her back, eh? ...You mean like that legendary treasure? Hee-hee-hee...
Oh yes, I suppose if you had that... you might be able to bring her around! Weee-hee-hee-hee!

"Stock... dialogue..."

The group files out in awkward silence.

Then Meryl pops back in for stock JRPG cliché #47: name followed by ellipsis.

Also, there's a hat in a hidden chest inside the back door, but I'm all full on hats.

Oh, and one more thing:

She said, "If a man named Indy returns, please tell him that I love him..."

Surprisingly, Indy isn't full of shit when he says that, but I still kind of want to throw up a little.

It's time to blow this joint.

...And preferably level it with the ground while we're at it.