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by vilkacis

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Original Thread: It's theft no matter what you call it. Let's play Final Fantasy VI (GBA)



For the newcomer, Final Fantasy VI is a fairly typical JRPG. It has menus, random encounters, a world map, and towns where the stores keep equipment that's always just a little better than it was in the last shop you visited. It is (of course) an epic tale of love and betrayal, an evil empire and a small group of rebels standing against it. It has some memorable characters, some less memorable ones and some downright annoying ones. I'm still not going to take up too much time describing it, because, well, wouldn't you rather find out for yourself?

The game was originally released in April 1994 on the Super Famicom and saw a US release in October the same year. Europe got shafted as usual and no one was surprised, though this was eventually rectified with some of the re-releases. Wikipedia lists no less than five versions of this game on different platforms, but there's no need to go into details here since the article is only a click away.

As you can probably tell from the word "Advance" in the title, I'll be playing the GBA edition, which has a (superior) new translation, as well as a couple of other things we'll get into more detail about when we get to them. For your SNEStalgia needs, see Blastinus' ongoing thread: We prefer to call it "Treasure Hunting." Let's Play Final Fantasy VI (SNES).

Well then: Onward!

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Bonus: applying this IPS patch to your FFVIA ROM will change the "Celestriad" into a "Meryltriad" to better suit the names suggested by the thread. (It doesn't change anything but the name, though.)

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