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Part 7: What was that river called again?

After the quick welcome at the door, Tim and the party automatically follow this guy deeper inside the caves.

It doesn't actually place us at the next cutscene, so the whole thing is rather pointless, but here's where we're at. And, well, no sense in dragging it out any further -

Oh, wait!

All right, there we go.

So, this is the girl... The one to whom the esper responded.


Aeris spends 80% of the game either A, clueless or B, depressed.

Currently, she is A but on a steady course for C, both, which accounts for another 10%.

Remaining 10%? Spent kicking hilarious amounts of ass. This kid is loaded for bear, and make no mistake. (There is a joke in there somewhere, but I'm not making it.)

It seems the Empire had complete control over her.

I also heard that she wiped out fifty Imperial soldiers in mere minutes...

Banon isn't big on that whole "tact" thing.

No, that's not...!


For heaven's sake, Banon! The girl doesn't remember anything!

(He has a point, though.)

Perhaps you've heard this story before?
Once, when the people were still pure and innocent, there was a box they were told never to open...
But someone went and opened it anyway, unleashing all the evils of the world...
Pride... envy... greed... wrath... gluttony...

You're missing Lust and Sloth. What kind of a jrpg are you if you can't even get that right


Your power is a gift, not a curse. No matter what happens, you must remember that.
You are this world's last ray of light... our final hope.


I've grown weary with the hour... Allow me to rest for a while.

I'm thinking he has the right idea if they're all going to stand there moping...

...but we're spared further angst as the scene cuts to Aeris in a bed with a weird man standing nearby. At least this one isn't staring at her while she sleeps...

We have important things to do, and we better take care of them before talking to Indy.

The Empire stole someone important from me. I've hated it ever since...
Uf no one stands up to the Empire, more people will be left like me.
That's why I joined the Returners.

What's this, Indy? You're coming dangerously close to being a relatable character with an actual personality!

But, there's no one important in my life. I have no family... no friends...


That's not true!
And besides, I'm sure there are people who feel you're important to them.
Those people are counting on you, too...


Whatever, Aeris is free to walk around now, so let's hunt down someone a little less depressing.

You'll do.

He's always thought of my needs before his own, ever since we were little.
I think you should trust him, too.
But don't tell him I said that! He'll turn red as a tomato!

You're the best, Matt.

Next step: telling Tim every word you just said.

The flavour text strikes back, but...

...this is what I'm after.

I've heard that it's supposed to be a reference to something, but I forget the details. Either way, not important.

(Aeris leaves it there because she's not your damn maid.)

And if we force our ideas on you, we're no different from the Empire.
So... we want you to decide for yourself.

After careful consideration, Aeris decides that she wants to loot the place.

There's some nice stuff here, and...

...behind a secret tunnel,

a new relic!

Aeris is the only person we have who cares about silence, and I don't even think we're going to run into anything that causes it for some time yet. Still, more DEF is always nice.

"Plus, I look fabulous in it."

We have to talk to Banon to continue, so...

...we'll do that.

This is all part of my cunning plan.

Next up, this guy:

But too many innocent lives are being lost to the Empire while we stand here and do nothing...
Please, lend us your strength! This relic will help keep you safe.

Here's where the kiddie gloves come off! This allows the wearer to hold a weapon in each hand. This was actually much better in the SNES game since shields didn't really do much early on due to the evade bug, but it's still not awful.

But we can still keep refusing...

I thought as much...

...and keep refusing.

It leads to a scene.

Aeris goes off to listen to Linkin Park or something, and doesn't notice the commotion behind her.

She does notice when the guy collapses, though.

But we're not doing this.

Instead: what if we said yes to Banon...?

Look how happy he is!

But... I'm scared...

The uncertainty you're feeling is only natural.
Aeris... I want you to have this.

What is it?

A charm to keep you safe. Take it!

...oh, you son of a bitch.

The gauntlet lets you hold a weapon in both hands. This increases damage, though you obviously lose use of a shield.

Basically, it sucks and I've never cared enough to equip it.

But this is what he says if you already got the Genji Glove, and this is what we're going with:

We'll succeed if we all work together. Never give up hope!
I have a plan. Would you please gather everyone together?

And so:


He goes up and tosses it in the pot just above.

That's the whole point of this thing.

While this sequence is definitely nicer than in the SNES version, it is still full of so you'll have to excuse me if I don't add much.

Well then...
We all know that the Gestahlian Empire is using its Magitek powers to wage war.
The question is, where did they get that power?

I had Indy dig around for information.
it seems the Empire has been gathering scholars from around the world to study espers.

Narshe's esper was also the reason for the Imperial assault there.

Are you saying there's some kind of connection between espers and Magitek?

Espers and Magitek... Only one possible link comes to mind.

You don't mean...

The War of the Magi.

My grandma used to tell me bedtime stories about magical machines...
...Those stories were true?

You're saying we're on the verge of a second War of the Magi?

It's only a guess.
The war took place a thousand years ago, and every historian has a different theory.
But one theory says that energy drained from espers was used to power machines...
...and that ordinary humans were also infused with that same energy.

So that's what Magitek power is...

No! That would bring about another War of the Magi!

Then what do you propose?

I was wondering if we might not be able to have a chat with an esper...

...With an esper!?

It's risky, but that esper reacted to Aeris before...
If we could get it to react to her again, we just might be able to wake it up.

Do you really think that would work...?

I can't say for sure, but I believe it's our best shot...
Of course, we can't do anything without Aeris's help.

I'll do it.

I'm not entirely sure I understand the plan... but what the hey!
This sounds like it'll be fun!

( Matt )

Suddenly, there's a thump.

Pan left...

This feels familiar.

If you want to skip that long meeting, you can just refuse Banon three times and this is where you'll end up. (What, you didn't think they'd actually let you refuse, did you? What do you think this is, a WRPG?) You get the Genji Glove either way, but since we're in this for the new translation...

What's wrong? What's happened!?

So they've found us... We haven't a moment to lose!


I know... "Someone" has to sneak into South Figaro to slow down the enemy, right?

This is right up your alley. We're counting on you.

...And watch out for a certain lecherous young king who shall remain nameless.
The guy moves in like a hawk!

Much as I may think Indy is a creepy bastard, I have to admit that's a pretty good one.


Old habits die hard, eh?

What about us?

We can escape down the Lethe River and make our way to Narshe.
I'm curious about that esper they found in the mines...

Very well. I'll ready the raft by the entrance.
It's risky, but we don't have much of a choice at this point.

It could be a chance for you to gain a better understanding of your abilities.

We've no time to dilly-dally. Let's make for Narshe!

But first!

The empire has actually blocked off Mt. Kolts, and we'll get chased out if we try to go back that way.

River it is.

First order of business, however: put Banon in the back row.

Trust me on this.

He has some nice gear that I'd love to get my hands on, but we can't get to it, and he needs it better than I.

Well then.

The info box is right about this. So, as tempting as it may be to kick Banon's ass and take his stuff, we're going to have to refrain.

The river is... about as close as a RPG can get to an autoscrolling level in a platformer. You float along and get into fights...

...which are made trivial... Banon's special skill.

Look at those numbers! And that's free healing.



Sometimes you'll get a choice of a path, but of course you have no way of knowing ahead of time what lies along each... so it's just as well that there's nothing special in either direction.

Most enemies aren't really a bother, but the Lesser Lopros is a huge threat here, as you can see from these numbers. Two of these will put Banon out of commission, and that would be bad. The Noiseblaster would have been worth it at ten times the cost.

There are a couple of save spots along the way in case a Lopros gets in a lucky fireball, but we don't need them.

Here's that old "infinite grinding" trick. If you have a turbo controller, you can weigh down one of the buttons, head up here, go to bed and come back to characters 50 levels higher.

However, this would spoil the fun, and actually make us weaker in the long run, so we're avoiding that.

Wait, is that a-


-huh, that went well.

However, there's something slimy waiting for us at the bottom.

You're up the creek without a paddle!
And I'm not gonna let you through!
...Does that make me a bad octopus?


Just a suicidal one.

Ultros isn't all that threatening since we have a free source of infinite healing.

(Unless he gets very lucky in which case OH SHIT PANIC.)

He does have a few things to watch out for, though. Attacking him with Aeris' Fire causes him to counter with... Ink.

Which causes blindness.

Which has no effect on magic.

Yeah, that was useless.

He'll counter Aurablast with Tentacle, which hits for over 200 points! Fortunately, Matt can take it, but he needs healing in between. It's better to stick to Raging Fist.

Also, after a while, this happens...


And now it is on.

Final Fantasy VI Awesome posted:

AUDIO: Decisive Battle (Black Mages)

Ultros has 3000 HP, so the battle doesn't take that long.

AUDIO: what

I wouldn't bet on it...
It's probably just hiding down there.

Something's stuck to my leg!

Aeris! Get away from there!

Eight-armed freak...
I'm gonna smash it with a blitz!

Out of my way, Tim!


Oh, he'll be fine!

Are you sure, Banon? ...Sir?

You're his brother!
You should know better than any of us.
Any second now he'll flop back up onto the raft, right as rain!




Think he missed the "onto the raft" part.


Matt! You're on your own now!

That's cold, man.

The river splits... and so does matt.

Soon, he's completely out of sight...

But what of Matt, who was swept away by the raging waters?
And how is Indy farig after having penetrated the Empire's defenses in South Figaro?
Is all going according to plan...?

So yeah.

Choose a scenario...


Team Tactical Espionage

Team Musclehead

Team Riverdance