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Part 9: Diamonds

Well, since we already went over this part... kind of, this will be rather bare-bones.

We're never told quite what Indy did to slow down the imperials, but it doesn't look like he did it very well because the town is full of them.

Since he dresses like he got thrown through a goodwill store in a hurricane, the guards are all extremely suspicious and we can't let them see us-

-because we're playing on European Extreme and thus-

-it's game over if we're caught.

Actually that's a lie, because all they'll do if talked to is tell us to "scram", but it might actually make this a challenge if it were true.

Some of them actually will attack you on sight, though (if you define "sight" as "go up and talk to them") and these guys will murder your ass unless you're horribly overlevelled. If you're extremely lucky, you may be able to encounter, steal an iron helm (rare steal) and run away before you die, but it's not worth the danger.

Here's the basic structure. Old man won't talk unless you get him drunk...

But he said I'm only supposed to let merchants through here now.

...brat won't let us go find any unless he thinks we're a merchant... we're going to beat up this guy and steal his hat.

Oh, now that was just plain rude. I'm a treasure hunter... and don't you forget it!

Indy will no longer threaten to rip people's lungs out; instead, he's quite happy to demonstrate how it's done.

...except not really, since we're not supposed to murder this guy.

Here we go!


The merchant escapes after having his stuff taken, but apparently Indy hunted him down and beat him up anyway; I can't see any other explanation for this.

Now we can pass the shrimp guarding the stairs...

...and pick up disguise number two.


This allows us to trick this guy into leaving because apparently the imperial army is staffed by morons.

One interesting thing here is that you can talk to the soldiers in disguise, and they'll say different things. The merchant just gets "I'm not buying anything!" but this one is interesting. Kefka apparently isn't well liked even among his own men.

You dirty little thief!

He's not denying it this time. You know the drill by now: steal his stuff, and his clothes too.

Then steal some more.

Hmm? Secret passage? Well, yes, there is a tunnel from here to the mansion on the north end of town...
Go downstairs and tell my grandson the password. It's, uh... umm... I forget!


Either "Rosebud, "Courage" of "Failure". The middle option is correct; either of the other two gets you kicked out (and you lose your disguise in the process, but you don't really need it at this point anyway).

I'll show you the secret entrance.

SO he opens this wall, and...

...the passage automatically takes you to the house in the northwest.

Uh, that was just a jump-rope rhyme!

The kid is still curiously well informed.

Now there's a wind noise when you enter this room, which is of course entirely unnecessary if you knew about the secret entrance beforehand and looted it on your previous visit.

If you're wearing a disguise, you get prompted to remove it, but...'s comfy, so we'll keep it on.

Indy automatically stops at this door and peeks in...

I know I've seen her before...
Wait a second... She's one of the Empire's generals!

She is also...

...a party member.

So, the mighty Meryl has fallen!


Kefka's planning to poison every last man, woman, and child in the kingdom of Doma.

Originally, the guard is a lot more obvious about punching her... this! (thank you internet)

But that scene was censored in the remake because Japan is weird.

Hmph! Run that mouth of yours while you still can... Your execution's tomorrow.

Yes, sir! I can stand guard for days without sleep!

The first guard leaves, and Meryl collapses because of that punch she didn't get.

Indy hides up here, somehow, while the guard passes...

...and naturally, that's as long as it takes for this guy to fall asleep.

That means we can ogle the unconscious girl in peace! But the game won't continue unless we untie her, much to Indy's disappointment.

There's a little bit of bonus dialogue depending on how Indy looks when you free her...

...including your basic Star Wars joke...

...but the merchant uniform doesn't get you anything particularly amusing.

And here's what she says without a disguise. If you have a costume on, Indy just says he forgot he was wearing it and throws it away at this point.

Name's Indy. I'm with the Returners.

You're a Returner!? I'm... or at least I was... General Meryl.
Now I'm nothing but a traitor...

She's also quite talkative for someone who has been tied up and not-actually-punched.

You'd take me with you?

I'm pretty shocked as well.

...No. I can barely walk. I'd never make it out of here.

...she said, and started walking.

I'm better off waiting here for the executioner. At least that way I'll keep my pride...

Forget it sister, you're coming along so you and Aeris can emo at us in stereo. Move it!

I'll protect you!

He actually means it, too. You'd think the big bad imperial general would need to protect him, but that air knife we picked up makes Indy's damage output kind of obscenely high.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it sounds ridiculous, though.

Trust me! You'll be fine!
Let's go!

This soldier might have something on him that could help us get out of here.

Before anything else, though, make sure to equip Meryl because she only comes with a hairband. Stop lying to me, game, I can clearly see that she's wearing a cape and a swimsuit!

I also put her in the lead, because I'm tired of looking at Indy's ugly mug.

You'd think they would at least tie him up.

Or slit his throat because that's probably more pleasant than what the empire will do to him when they find out that he let the prisoner escape by falling asleep at his post.

I have no idea why that guard had the key to this clock. What I do know is that it works, and winding it...

...opens a door here.

There is equipment for Meryl down here, but you're likely to run into several encounters before you can get to any of it.

There's also a hidden passage leading down to some treasure...

...the most important of which being this hidden chest in a corner.

The ribbon is like the king of relics. Or perhaps rather the Queen of relics. You should wear it if you want to make sure it's another one who bites the dust.

...all right, that was horrible. How's this then: Don't Stop Me Now, because

you see

I'm wearing a ribbon

so it won't work anyway


fuck it

Meryl is our second character who comes with magic. She specializes in ice, but also has healing spells and such with is very nice because it means I don't have to bother with potions.

There's one last thing of note down here: an Earring, which boosts magic damage by 25%, and obviously goes on Meryl because she's the only one who cares. It's a very nice relic that will be useful through most of the game; more magic damage is always a good thing.

As the game states, it can also be stacked with a second earring for a total +50% bonus.

You remind me a lot of someone...
What's it matter, anyway? I'm helping you because I want to!

After a brief exchange just inside the exit...

...we finally get some fresh air again.

We can't make it to the Returner hideout because this bozo is in the way, so there's only one way we can go.

This cave.


Now, you may have noticed that I didn't pick up the gear in here the last time we were through, and there's a reason for that.

Leaving them alone causes the treasure inside to transmute into better treasure over time! That's right:

The Ether

is now diamonds.

There is a rumbling noise as you progress through the cave, but it's not until here that the party starts to wonder about it.

As you approach the exit, the screen starts to shake...

Something's coming through the wall!

If that thing hits us with its magic...
...they'll be scrubbing two big scorch marks off the wall!

No one scrubs caves, Meryl.

So what are we supposed to do!?

Don't worry!
I'll draw its magic with my runic blade!

And you'll be okay!?

Just you watch!

And so the game attempts to shove in another tutorial, but you know what, fuck that. what I'd say, but... there's something to be gained by doing it the way the game wants us to.

First and foremost, this. Now, we have two of these.

Meryl's Runic command is quite situational, but when it works, it works well. After using the skill, the user will absorb the next spell being cast and regain MP from it. As the Tunnel Armor can hit for around 200 points with its magic, it is essential for surviving this fight unless you cheese it with the thunder rod.

There are some spells that can't be absorbed by Runic, though, and there's a bug that causes you to lose MP under certain circumstances, but it's really not important.

The Tunnel Armor doesn't have a lot else going for it, and we get an Elixir for dismantling it.

And that's it for Indy's scenario.

Left to go: Team Musclehead, and Team Riverdance. Pick your poison...