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Part 12: Terra watches her parents conceive her

Chapter 11 - Terra watches her parents conceive her

Last time, we busted up some shit and stole a bunch of espers while Celes flew away. Also, some gambler has decided to join us.

What the hell? That rock is her father?
At this point, I just smile and nod. Trust me, we'll get to beating stuff up soon enough.

One day, my father was just sitting in his room, bemoaning spending a thousand years living with the same idiots in the same tiny space while shirking guard duty like he always did.

Then he found some random person there, and excited about the prospect of speaking to someone not dumb, he decided not to throw her out.

You know, despite the mumblings of his racist companions.

Then my father immediately started courting her by giving her a pendant while she was still unconscious.

Mom was in a goth phase at the time, hating the world and all that.

The two hit it off, Mom because she was into magical creatures, and Dad because she was the first new person he'd seen in a thousand years.

Then my parents flew off and made sparklies, from which I was born!
Makes sense to me.
About that...
Don't. thankful that's all she's seeing.

Two years later, Gestahl came and invaded by sheer coincidence.

The freaky-looking elder decided to sacrifice himself to keep out all humans. Mom was totally cool with it.

Then Mom ran off because the resident conspiracy theorist/racist wouldn't shut up about her causing this by wandering in here two years ago, and she was sick of hearing the same stupid bullshit after all this time.

While Dad tried to drag Mom back, I flew away! Whee!

Then Gestahl killed my mom, put my dad in a tank, and raised me as a brainwashed super-soldier! And that's the story of my life.
Jesus Christ!

Beats me. Cyan, Gau?
We didn't actually go back to Narshe. That place is boring as hell. We decided to catch a show at the Opera House, except they were busy remodeling after their last show apparently resulted in half the place collapsing after a six-ton weight fell and killed the lead singer.
Huh. Funny, that.

Oh, I'm Setzer. I run an airship casino.
Eh, still makes more sense than the kid raised by monsters.

Again, this conversation is nice enough that I can't help but transcribe it.


Yes. I do.
I guess I'll go see how Terra's doing, then. You know, I hear she has a lovely singing voice...'s the manual.

Now we can finally choose our party!

Complete with some choice quotes.

For now, I'm rolling with the four characters we haven't just used. Terra's still L10, giving her plenty of time to start wrecking stuff.

First off, let's get plot out of the way.

Eh, I was thinking about the yeti actually, but I guess you'll do too.

But let's add one more to our ranks, shall we?

Now, instead of a Gold Hairpin, we've got the more-tempting Goggles. Hmmm.

Seems like Mog's a bit more meta-commentary so far. You know, based on the one actual piece of dialogue he's had so far.


We'll get to Mog in a bit. But next up is

Name: Seraph
Characters: Celes, Setzer
Stat Boosts: HP +30/MP +15
Spells: Cure 2 (5), Regen (4), Rerise (2)

Seraph's a nice option for Setzer, letting him serve more as a healer (even though Go Fish kinda does the same thing as Cure 2, at least multi-target wise). He does have Magic +2 right now, though, and he can learn Bio, so he's got a bit of versatility to him.

Anyway, to the Veldt to get more rages and learn spells.

Setzer's slot moves have been renamed to match card games. For instance, this is Solitaire.

And this, of course, is Blackjack.

Now let's get into Mog. He's supposed to be one of the most versatile characters, from being magic-focused to boosting his dances (with Stamina now affecting the chances of doing a dance on differing terrain), to being a Dragoon.

His Dragoon damage is alright.

And then I go through all the stuff to learn his dances.

Last for today, the Auction House.

Looks like all the items got removed.

Except for Zoneseek, of course.

Name: Zoneseek
Characters: Strago, Relm
Stat Boosts: Magic +1/MP +15
Spells: Rasp (4), Osmose (2)

So yeah, we can't actually use this yet, but we literally won't have a chance to get it again until we finish the Thamasa arc, so might as well get it now so we have it when we run into Strago and Relm. This also means we now have all the espers available in the World of Balance.

Next time, a cave and stuff.

Oh yeah, and I guess choose my party or whatever. Don't forget Terra is required, so choose three non-Terra people to accompany her.