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by Mega64

Part 28: Obscure Trivia - Part 1

So, couple of cool things to share since I'm a massive nerd for this game:

1. Kuku is Mog's girlfriend/ladymoogle.

2. Terra was originally planned to be a dude, and the ending was going to be a lot more bleak than what the finished product is. Also she's a big fan of dye jobs, since she can just simply never find a colour she can settle on

3. Locke was going to be alot more angsty, but thank God they realized that was a poor choice and now we have one of the most upbeat Final Fantasy characters as well as one of the more legitimately depressing backstories of the series.

4. You can die an infinite amount of times in those "split the party up, let's have a mini-war on a battlefield" sections, meaning every battle the steal-able items refresh. Want a million free mythril dirks? Literally nothing except your own patience can stop you. This was a lot more useful in the original where I believe you got a dagger upgrade you won't have access to for a really long time, plus they sold for a lot. Gameing the system right out of the gate, awww yeah.

5. More relating to the previous update, but in the original, if you killed Whelk's shell I believe you get an incredibly rare at this point in the game tincture. If you killed the snail, you got a tonic or somesuch. If you manage to be way too into this game and mentally kept track of both target's HP and kill them both at the same time, you reap the rewards from both. I am very, very curious as to what you get if you somehow kill the Shell in this mod. (My printme is bugged and only has esper and magic spell growth lists, no bestiary or such)

6. Also, the esper that was originally planned to be the frozen esper Terra and company find was actually Maduin himself. I always thought that made way more sense/built a lot more reason and meaning as to why the meeting between Terra and the excavated esper was such a huge and unusual event.

Hey Mega, want me to drop juicy little tidbits of the more obscure trivia behind this game as we go along? There's a shitton of backstory that never gets time in the game, but it's all supplemental sort of trivia the designers wrote to flesh out and develop the world they were creating. Much like how stage actors (Operatic even, perhaps???) give their characters extra bits of background to build up the person behind the role, the devs of this game worked with a similar mindset to enrich the process.