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Part 29: Obscure Trivia - Part 2

That Irish Guy's Storytime

So lots of nifty stuff packed in here.

1. Ever noticed how Edgar's colour scheme in his portrait (not his sprite, sprites were done by different designers so they didn't always mesh with what the Nomura-level types envisioned and whatnot) is gold and blue? The gold is supposed to represent the sand of Figaro, and the blue represents the very sought after resource of desert civilizations: water. All of this combined is supposed to give Edgar, with his sand-coloured hair and bright blue eyes a very sort of regal feel, something rare, something people really liked. A dichotomy between the common, the sand (afterall, there's more girls in Figaro than grains of sand out there ) and the rare and life sustaining, the water.

2. The dev's really wanted to make something more out of Figaro, I believe. Something more like what Lindblum was like in FF9, because there's just utter shittons of side things about Figaro and the characters from it. Anyways, Figaro has this coming of age ceremony called something like the "Hunting of the Antlion", which I imagine is a hardcore reference to FF4 and how the prince of that game had to go hunt an antlion. Well, Edgar here had some problems when he went to go do it as a wee one, and Sabin bailed him out. Or something like that, if I could read Japanese I could be a lot more accurate here

3. Speaking of Sabin... did you know he's afraid of Nut Eaters? Nut Eaters. The lovely adorable little squirrel enemies running around Figaro Plains. You see, our big burly man here got attacked by one at the age of three, and never quite got over it. In fact, in the original game, where Suplex Flags weren't demolished from enemies, you could not suplex a Nut Eater(Called something else I think due to Woosley).

4. Ever wanted to know why Sabin is built like a gym rat? He got really, really ill as a kid, resented that against his entire identity, and used that repulsion to grind up his vigour and stamina improve his body and constitution. Want to know why he resented illness as an immature kid? His dad, for one, and his mother who died at childbirth. He was actually wimpier than Edgar before that, totally having nothing to do with testosterone running hog wild in this family nope not at all

5. Figaro castle contains the one and only reference to any organized religion in the entire game (at least after Woosley sobered up and collected his pay got done translating). Why, how does it introduce this obscure facet of Figarian society?
Edgar hit on the High Priestess, again. Rock on Edgar, you were always my third favourite

6. There's so incredibly much information about the argument over the Figarian Succession, but... eh. The game tells you the good and long of it later through hidden scenes. Remember Mega, bring Sabin and Edgar back to Figaro way, way later as soon as you can But, Sabin likes nuts (probably the same ones the nut eaters are munching on vicious little pricks i bet their looking at you just plotting how they'll finally attack hiding behind those glazed over bloodthirsty orbs they call eyes just waiting waiting waiting for your guard to drop and then ), and Edgar likes redecoration and hates lectures. Who knew?

7. I am actually quite thankful to this romhack of stopping my OCD tendancies of stealing literally hundreds of times to acquire a few bandannas from the brawlers Speaking of romhack thingies however, as Mega64 showed off (if he didn't realize it, hopefully he'll know next time? i dunno), the merchants in Figaro Castle no longer give the .25 discount despite having the same exact dialogue with Edgar and Sabin. Screw those merchants man.

8. You know the scene where Locke and Edgar freak out about M-M-M-M-MAGIC? Well, it's triggered by using any magic spell by Terra, and the flag for it is valid up until I believe the Vargas fight. So, you want to screw around with the thematic pride this game has? Screw that somewhat appropriate and heartfelt scene right after the M-Tek guys, you can put off that event (and never see it if you so like) and watch it on the halcyon cliffs of Mt. Kolts or the dreary Figaro Cave.

9. In the Japanese version, before character and text restraints and Woosley's wild drug induced translation adventures, Edgar goes out and rightly states that Kefka is a Mage Warrior (Or Magitek Warrior, I'm not sure which). For even more fun, I believe in the Japanese game, you know how each character's name is on the list in the party menu? Well, originally, each character's supposed "job" was next to each of their names. Sabin's was monk, Edgar's was engineer, Locke's was heh, I believe THIEF, and Terra's was... I'm not sure but I think Mage/Magus Warrior or some such. It's been a really long time since I've actually looked this up so I may be confusing this with FFIV, but I'm pretty sure that jFFVI did the same thing.

10. Oh, you could have jumped with Edgar and broken the scripting in a funny way with the Vargas fight. Though I believe in the original battle scripting, if for some reason you have a character still standing after that Sneeze attack or whatever, he'll just keep using it. Though, all the dialogue is the same.

11. Empire treats it's allies very strangely holy shit. Imagine if the general of a long allied country to wherever you're from just strolled up one time, accused you of harbouring a state person of interest, and upon your leader assuring that no such clandestine shelter is going on, he tries to raze your capital. I guess Edward Snowden most certainly isn't Terra But I digress, in the Japanese, I believe it's far more clear that Kefka is the one so damned determined to get a hold of Ms. Walking Weapon of Mass Destruction, though at the very least it's made more clear just how dangerous M-M-M-MAGIC could be at this point, it's not just parlour tricks and fancy first aid. And Magitek and Magic are more linked at this point I believe.

12. Waffles? Really? Sabin was a bloody prince, prized stemware makes way more sense, along with his love of tea


Bloodly posted:

Why'd they remove him having Aurabolt?

You get Aurabolt roughly when its far more useful. Right now, all you really need to get by is Pummel, with this mod's love affair with Seizure status.


Lotish posted:

Also, eeesh, not feeling the "improved" Kefka.

Fun Fact: Before Woosley got a hold of this game (Which I actually really do love him for ), this game was far more vulgar and bleak. Though, I do believe at this point Kefka himself wasn't quite this bad, just calling Edgar a bastard for randomly and without precedent, meaning a lovely state secret they kept from their close ally the Empire, just happens to be one of which is off the wall and so ridiculously limited and specific is one that stops Kefka from retrieving his prized (Cannot overstate that enough, Kefka needs Terra for reasons) soldier/weapon that he rightfully gets a wee bit more fuming than an average son of a submariner But yeah, Simply Simon is right, the salty sailor talk that's not in a screenshot is mostly Mega. I dunno, it gets the point across

15. Vargas was far more anime-ish in the Japanese what with yelling "SUPER WIND TSUNAMI FIST" before whisking your party away. Also, I believe it's still left vague as to whether Sabin kills Vargas or beats him so hard he runs. You see, in the battle scripting, you win as long as you Blitz Vargas, regardless of whether he has HP left or not. Who knows, maybe he's slam shuffling around with some vagrants somewhere

Oh, and finally 16. If you hike all way back to South Figaro, you can chat up Duncan's Wife. I'm to lazy to play it and give you the romhacked dialogue, so the script from the original game is as follows:

Duncan's Wife: Sabin, where's Vargas? Where's my husband?
Sabin (looking down): Master was... Vargas...
Duncan's Wife: I'll never understand Vargas... Fortunately, my husband taught
               his most secret techniques to you.
Sabin: For 10 years you've treated me like a son. I am eternally grateful!
... yep pummeling dudes senseless sure must be pretty secret, only martial artist masters can teach you that art Even better is that the ultimate height of this dude's repertoire is just bum rushing. Guys, I think Duncan was just a random grumpy old homeless guy living in the mountains

Holy shit, that's a lot of words about this game. I loved this game way too much.