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Part 30: Obscure Trivia - Part 3

MartianAgitator posted:

I know you are trying hard to be engaging, but don't get too precious please. And don't shit on Ted Woolsey, there's just no good reason to do so. He translated the opera so that it actually works with the music, for chrissakes.

I appreciate your information, really. But your tone is off-putting. Thanks.

Gotcha dude, gotcha For the record though, I absolutely love what he did with the resources and time he was given, it really came off in a really charming way and I honestly don't think this game would be what it was without him.

Mister Roboto posted:

Also, That Irish Guy, ya missed one part about Kefka's dialogue: he talked like a brattish boy with Japanese brattish boy phrases. It was supposed to be a subtle hint to his creepy childish "people are toys" attitude, especially as he's in his 30s.

Oh, yeah, that's one really odd thing about translations, some languages just don't have the words to go along with accents and some accents are just language specific. I dunno, I like how massively insane psychopathic clown turned out instead of brattish court jester.

Oh hey, an update.

1. Oh yeah, it's those Rhodoxes that Sabin apparently hates. I always thought they were cuddly looking.

2. That piece of paper joke makes more sense in Japanese or something? I really, really don't understand it. Something's is apparently very funny about Terra refusing to throw trash away or something? Cause that is the first time you see her laughing sprite for a long, long time.

3. I think even in the Japanese they botched the idea of Pandora's Box (Or Banon purposefully mistold the story in order to be more convincing?). She wasn't opening up the box and humanity's sins came pouring out, humanity's really really really really malicious side was sealed in the box, and the only thing left wasn't hope (I dunno, Greco-Roman gods were kind of dicks, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them sealed humanity's hope in a box), the only thing left in the box was specifically despair. Meaning no matter what took hold in humanity's heart that day, despair will never be one. Final Fantasy knows more about Greek Mythology than me, dayum that's humbling

3. Oh, if you got caught in the laser light show in the mines, this romhacker put in a lovely little treat borrowed from some other Final Fantasy, I swear. No idea on if it pays you back at the Veldt later for it or not.

4. Speaking of which, the security checkpoint they call it? In the Jap. version, they say it's actually a little training exercise place for all the Narshe soldiers to train.

5. If you wanted to see something odd, when you choose the Banon scenario and go south instead of heading straight to Narshe, you could find a chocobo stable! Now, the programmers really didn't think you'd do that, so they forgot to program a full and ready Banon chocobo riding sprite. Comes out a garbled mess, missingno would be proud of.

6. Also, if you decide that Terra should just bugger off and let this armageddon just play out, you'll find an Imperial Soldier right on the back entrance to Mt. Koltz blocking any solo backtracking. The script's not just making false affordances, the Empire is literally right on your tail.