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Part 2: Part Two: School "Daze"

Part Two: School "Daze"

After the intro, we find ourselves looking at a hospital bed. The guy on the bed is the brown-haired guy from the intro, and he's also our hero. I guess he must have passed out after getting that cut on his face or something.

This change in scenery comes with a change in music:

How do you think he's feeling, Doc?

He's pretty lucky that Blondie didn't decapitate him back there.

Dr. Kadowaki: Looks like your eyes are focusing. You should be fine. Say your name for me.

We get the chance to name him, but I'm leaving it as the default because you don't get the chance to name all the characters and the "odd name out" gag gets tired pretty fast.

Wait, what? We were in training?

If they were training, why did they have real swords? Tell that to Seifer, guys.

I'm just gonna go ahead and say it right now: Seifer is the head of the disciplinary committee around this place.

Dr. Kadowaki: Why don't you ignore him?

That seems like less of an option when he's about to cut your head open.

Ah, nah, it's "I mustn't," hoss.

Too fuckin' late for that now, isn't it?

Dr. Kadowaki: Let's see, your instructor is... Quistis! I'll call her now. Just wait here a minute.

What's she got to do with this?

Squall immediately starts napping, because that's a good plan with a head wound.

Why does she need to come get him?

Dr. Kadowaki: Yes, yes... His injury's not serious. It'll probably leave a scar. ......Right. Now please come by.

We cut to this angle, where you can see the drapes blow in the wind if you're playing the game.

Oh, hey, what's up?

Ah, leaving? Yeah, that's cool too. Good talk.

Now we get an FMV as a blonde woman comes into the infirmary.

She's not impressed by Squall's relaxed ways.

Oh, they told you which of your students tried to hack each other up this morning?


At this point, we have to actually move the character. I guess you could just stand around like an asshole, but what would be the point?

Maybe a concussion, but nothing serious.

Quistis, a responsible teacher, picks her student up from the infirmary and immediately starts making fun of him.

She's laughing at your disfigurement, because she is a professional.

Well, that's good for you.

: I'm more complex than you think.
: Then tell me. Tell me more about yourself.

"I like long talks with the beach and I don't understand what 'training' means."

Quistis again finishes Squall's sentence and starts laughing at him.

The scene transitions into an FMV here, but even after playing this multiple times, I always, always fuck up when the camera angle changes and walk directly into the wall.

We get some nice establishing shots of this place, which is called Balamb Garden. It's where Squall lives and studies.

I hate when I have to go to class right after some douche tries to chop my head off.

Whoa, let's start with sitting down, teach.

: Yes, the field exam for SeeD candidates will begin later this afternoon. Those not participating and those who failed last week's written test are to remain here in study hall. Field exam participants will have free time until the exam. Just be sure you're in top condition. Meet in hall at 1600 hours. I'll announce the team assignments there. Any questions?

And there we go, our setup for this first bit of the game.

Seifer, who almost killed another student this morning, is just chillin' in class.

: Do NOT injure your partner while training. Be careful from now on.

He's pretty indignant about this.

: Field exam participants, I will see you all later. And Squall, I need to talk to you.

"That FMV interrupted me making fun of you. I wasn't done."

After the info dump, we're back in control!

Fuck you Quistis, I'm gonna stand in the corner.

Before we talk to Quistis, let's fuck around on the internet.

There's a bit of nice background info on the computer here, but I'll probably cover it next update.

Now we have two GF . GF stands for "Gameplay Feature" and they're important. I'll explain it when it comes up.

You're even allowed to name them! There are 9 spaces for letters, which is just enough space to butcher "Quetzalcoatl".

Like I said, there's other shit on the computer, but let's leave that and go talk to Quistis.

Wait, no, let's talk to her weird groupies.

These guys are called the "Trepies" and they creep me out.

Get outta here, you skeeves.

Lotta people say a lotta things.

Lady, I just started the game last update. Cut me some slack.

: You won't be able to take part in today's SeeD exam if you don't pass this prerequisite.

"...Said he had some really good weed."

: Hm? Do you have a good excuse?
: ...Not really.

Some people would say "Seifer tried to kill me" is a good excuse, but I feel like he probably didn't find out about the Fire Cavern thing yesterday.

: Then let's get going. I'll be waiting at the front gate, so come down when you're ready.

I guess we don't really have free time. Don't be such a slacker next time, Squall.

Before we go, we can talk to these guys again. It's very fulfilling, spiritually.

This guy snaps his fingers and stomps his foot like a goof.

Don't let the door hit ya in the ass, Trepies.

Fuckin' creeps.

Next time: probably not the Fire Cavern.