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Part 124: Revisiting Deling City

Bonus Update: Revisiting Deling City

While you're supposed to be going to the Missile Base, you can actually turn your car right around and drive to Deling City. We'll be doing that today.

Selphie learned to park from Laguna.

I think we knew this already, but there you go. Edea's not a presidential palace kind of person, I guess.

Naturally, we can't rent a car here right now.

I'm gonna say this is a translation error.

He's talking about Edea.

So is he. The Sorceress is a pretty powerful person.

In the first real piece of new information here, we can find out that Caraway got shitcanned after we tried to off Edea.

Gets to keep the house, though.

So now I guess he just spends his days leaning on his desk, still dressed in a uniform.

He's got a couple things he can tell us about, there's a little bit of information here.

This is why Caraway wanted Edea dead. Remember that the Sorceress War ended 17 years ago, so he probably fought in it.

We can also learn a bit about Esthar. We've seen the name before, but we still don't actually know a lot about the place.

So they took over the world, then just went silent after the war. Caraway doesn't know what's up with Esthar.

More to the point, nobody in Galbadia knows what's up with Esthar, and it's got them freakin' out. They're getting ready for a second war, but they don't really know what they're up against.

We can also ask about cards.

Both statements are true.

Also true. I'll get Rinoa's card later, and on the main save file.

And that's it! That's all Caraway has to say! There's no conversation between him and Rinoa, which is disappointing in a way, but I also think it's pretty well in character for them. They're both stubborn as hell and proud, so they're not likely to have a heart-to-heart about it. Plus, Squall kind of threatened to kill Caraway if he got in Rinoa's way.

If you were wondering about the screenshot, yes, the way to the sewers is still open and no, we won't be going back.

This house probably stinks of shit because there's an open hallway to the sewers.

Haha, how can you tell, right?

Seems like Edea really wanted Galbadia Garden, and doesn't actually give a fuck about the rest of the country.

Yeah, sound rulin'.

It's not actually stated outright, but Edea's used her witchin' on these people. Note that the only Galbadian we've seen who's actually said anything bad about Edea was Caraway. These people didn't like Deling, and they hated Sorceresses, there should be riots in the streets.

Some dialogue about Edea also has a bizarre quality to it. It's a nice touch, but it's something that's left strictly to the player to notice. Another game would probably have someone say at some point that Edea had charmed everyone.

They still hate Deling, though.

Fun fact: there's a dummied-out blurb in the information section about passing on Sorceress powers.

The 17 or so years between the Sorceress War and the present always remind me of the 20 years between the First and Second World Wars, but the actual setting suggests more of a Cold War feeling, where the tension's been there the whole time and it's just some advancement that makes it bubble up.

Also, this weird lady is still hangin' out in the empty bar.

I think she was saying that Edea's fashion was weird when we came here the first time.

You cannot actually take the train right now.

Well, was.

Before we leave the city, let's see a little sweet thing.

It's nice to see some friends chat.

Anyway, that's all there is to do in Deling City at this point.

You can't go anywhere else other than the Missile Base (and, I suppose, the Tomb of the Unknown King), but you can see a small town here. That's Winhill.

You can also see Galbadia Garden.

But, like I said, you can't get to either (no matter how hard I tried), so we're done here!