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Part 21: Part Twenty-One: Last Train to East Academy Station

Part Twenty-One: Last Train to East Academy Station

By popular demand, this is the party we're taking to Galbadia Garden. We've not seen Quistis in there for a while, eh?

Pff, why would I be careful? There is no possible way that it could be a bad idea to go towards Galbadia right now.

Okay, what is it?

Wow, what a gift. Wow.

Phoenix Downs are useful, thanks.

Uh, a Soft. Um.

Stop giving me things.

This is just redundant.

Okay, we're done getting items. Now we can get back to hassling every person in the world.

Are you playing the game? Did you forget these directions in the last two minutes? If so, please stop playing the game and see a doctor.

We could also walk to Galbadia Garden, if we were very bored or something. There is never any reason to walk to Galbadia Garden from Timber.

Upstairs, the kids are just talking about being afraid of Galbadians.

Speaking of, here's one now.

To get her to say this, I had to go over to the Galbadian soldier and actively speak to him. I think that's something other than "bad timing", Quistis.

Oh, nevermind, it's just Watts. Also note that Rinoa and Zell have run back in from off-screen to help me fight this lone G-soldier.

Watts: Got some info, sir. Timber station will be shut down temporarily.
: Mega-bummer!

Sorry about the trains, Selphie.

Hey Watts, you wanna have a second line in that box?

Exactly where we want to go. Great.

: We're getting on that train.
Watts: You're going, too, right Rinoa?
: Yeah. What about you, Watts?
Watts: No need to worry 'bout me, I'll go gather more info!

It's important to have hobbies.

We get a choice here before we leave.

It's just good manners.

: Yeah, don't worry. Client's orders. What about you? Will you be safe here?

Watts: I'm happy, sir!

See ya round, Watts.

On the next screen, we see our old friend Mystery Man.

: Zone!

Oh it's Zone.

Zone: You need to go to East Academy, right? There's no more tickets left.
: Super-Duper-Mega-Bummer!

Yo, it's a train, not a bank vault. I think we can work around this.

: We'll do whatever it takes to get on that train.

He says it like a big man, but we'd probably just have to jump a turnstile.

Zone: You won't have to do that.

Wait, did anyone even check our ticket on the way from Balamb? We won't be able to get in the SeeD cabin, but I think we'll make it.

Oh, Zone's got our tickets.

Sorry Zell, your home is Timber now.

Why do you want to go to Galbadia Garden?

Hey man, it's Zell who need it. I wasn't about to leave Quistis behind.

Quistis please do not make me walk to Galbadia Garden.

Zone is actually physically injured by Quistis not taking his ticket.

Then he makes the classic power move of getting sick after talking to a woman.

Alright man, have fun with...uh, whatever you do in life.

: Thank you.
: Zone...... We're gonna see each other again, ok? No matter what, you have to survive. We have to liberate Timber together, remember?
Zone: I know, I know. I'll go hide in a bathroom or something. Now get going.

You do you, Zone.

This shot included because of the profoundly stupid way that gate opens directly onto the train tracks. What do you think the fatality stats look like in Timber?

Well, here's the train.

No reason not to.

: Let me double check... Get off at East Academy and go through the forest, west of the station. Galbadia Garden is located up ahead... Is that correct?

Shit, yes, I know how to get to Galbadia Garden.

The first time I played this game, I got off the train and immediately headed east like a stupid asshole.

: Indeed. Glad we have a leader with a good memory.

Choo choo.

We really fill this compartment up now, huh?

Thanks, train.

Quistis what are you doing?

: Open, Open, OPEN!

: Please...

Come on, Selphie, he was about to make a speech.

: (...Better let her have her way.)

It's important to have hobbies.

Quistis is much too disciplined to sit down.

Rinoa wants to hear the speech.

: Well... We made it.
: I have to thank Zone for that.
: He's into naughty magazines.

A) Zone can buy his own goddamn porn, B) Now we know why his ideal hiding place is a bathroom.

This is why Cid fired you.

It's weird to tell people to buy your friend porn.

Zell doesn't have anything to say, because he's too busy beating himself up.

Quistis really is insistent on us not sitting down.

Selphie's lines are the same as on the train from Balamb. Selphie doesn't give a fuck.

We can't get into the SeeD cabin this time.

Instead, to move on, we have to...leave Zell alone.

Shit, why not?

Guess so.

Pictured: the forest we need to get to.

How strenuous.

There are two things you can see here: the very edge of Galbadia Garden (on the right); and some asshole parked on the train tracks (at the top).

Nice forest.

Yeah, I just showed a picture of it.

: Heeey, I was just thinking...

Don't worry, Selphie, they're probably only going to broadcast Seifer.

When they execute him.

: I, I'm worried about Balamb Garden. If anything happens to Garden, it's all my fault. I'm the one who said we were all from Garden...

This bit is important in Zell's development as a character, with him realising exactly how dangerous his emotionality can be.

Of course, Squall is probably the least-elegant choice of teacher for this lesson.

: ...Figures...

Zell come on, Squall hates dancing.

Looooooooves bein' a dick to his allies, though.

There's a lot of good body language here, and it's the real MVP of these screenshots.

Time for Rinoa vs. Squall round 3.

: (...Not again.)
: Zell wants your support.
: (I knew it was gonna be something like that...)

We've been here before, but Rinoa is clearly willing to push the issue until Squall gets his head straight.

Of course, Squall is the only one who thinks that (including Seifer). It's the same point that Squall misses with Quistis in the training centre.

He doesn't.

And, being Squall, he just writes it off. Rinoa is a better leader than Squall, even though she's no tactician, just because she listens to her comrades and treats them well.

Having been berated again, Squall pulls out a power move.

: (This sensation...)

Remember, if there's ever something you want to get out of, just pass out.

Optional: make others pass out as well.

Zell is awfully nonchalant about that. Rinoa's probably freaking out, though.