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Part 39: Part Thirty-Nine: Going Home

Part Thirty-Nine: Going Home

On the other side of the ocean, Squall's made it back to Garden.

There's a little bit of dramatic irony in the line here, since we know that the missiles are just delayed.

Thankfully, Squall's not stupid.

: We have to report to the headmaster. Come on.

We'll have to evacuate the Garden, at least for a while, just to make sure that the missiles really aren't coming.

There shouldn't be any problems.

What the hell is this?

This line initially reads as stupid, but I think it's a pretty realistic response to seeing everyone freak out when you know about an emergency.

Garden Faculty: Go!

Seems like Cid's become persona non grata with the faculty.

: (What!?)

Shouldn't be any problems.

You know what?

No. I don't need this today.

Fuck this, fuck you.

I'm goin' to town.

This must be a new New Assistant, since the New Assistant we met last time talked to Zell directly.

Man, Zell isn't just a major stud, he's the major stud.

I don't think this old man really hates Zell, I think he's funnin'. It's kinda depressing, though, considering.

While I'm in town, I grab new weapons for Squall and Quistis (no upgrades are available for Rinoa). Weapons are dirt cheap in this game, the only hard part is getting the materials. I think they could multiply those prices by 10 and there'd be no problems.

Been a while since we pulled off this.

Let's visit the Zell'sneighbourses.

Aw jeez.

This is bummin' me out.

He's, uh, he's good. Doin' great.


This is pretty rough. Let's lighten up.

Classic pranks never get old.

The sea next to Balamb is, like, super blue.

Personally, I never really liked crayons. I preferred coloured pencils. That's just a bit of trivia for ya.

We definitely discussed that the last time we were in town. People in Balamb don't actually have new lines for after the Missile Base, it just depends on if Zell's in your party or not.

Here's the inn. No reason to be here, so I left immediately.

This girl's been playing with her dog.

She's got a nice little story to tell us.

Speaking of dogs, Rinoa's has learned a new trick. Invincible Moon is a great limit break, and if you game the system enough, you can get it to fire off reliably - any time Rinoa is at Crisis Level 3, she'll fire it off; you can make her use it at Crisis Level 4, too, if you never learn the ability that comes above it on the list. Combine looks random if you don't know about Crisis Level, but it's not, per se. The random element of Crisis Level does make it a bit more difficult to get exactly what you want all the time, though.

I get the feeling that Quistis really liked being an instructor, and did her best.

I'm going to play cards with this guy. There's something special about this guy.

He doesn't use any rules when he plays. This makes him useful for clearing out rules you've spread by accident. I've never actually put the time in, but I think this guy is instrumental if you want to abolish all rules globally.

The only rule I like is Open, and he doesn't use it. This actually means this is the hardest game of cards I've played all game.

The guy also doesn't say anything when you finish the game.

The ol' Cure Draw Point in the ocean is still around.

You know what? I have a lot of gil.

Let's rent a van.

Aww yeah.

I wonder how long the car will stay on the map if I ditch it here.

Next time: we care of whatever the hell this is.