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Part 42: Part Forty-Two: Mobile

Part Forty-Two: Mobile

Squall managed to save the Garden by flipping some switches in the basement, and now:

We're moving.

There are a couple entries in the Information section that deal with why the Garden can move:

MD Level posted:

Balamb Garden's foundation. The original structure of Centra Shelter remains almost entirely intact. Entry is strictly forbidden.

Centra Shelter posted:

(Later became the Garden building.) Ancient Centra people spread around the world after Centra was destroyed by the Lunar Cry. People used mobile Centra Shelters to move around the world. Many ruined shelters are found around the world.

So, basically, the Garden was built from a building that could move. Now you know.

Quistis and Rinoa are pretty impressed at the fact that this place can fly.

Probably a lot of people freaking out.

: Come on, Squall, let's go.

Actually, what would you do if the building you were in took off? I don't think many people have a contingency plan for that.

: Squall, let's go see.

Rinoa leaves directly after her line, but Quistis sticks around.

Literally no reason not to.

Rinoa's just waiting at the bottom of the elevator.

Yeah, looks like people runnin' around and freakin' out.

This seems like a decent response to a civil war followed by Garden taking flight.

Fun fact: we talked to this guy a long time ago, and his dialogue choices got the same responses back then as they do now.

Over here is one of the goddamn Trepies. I wish these guys had been expelled or something.

Freaked-Out Girl: Ok, ok, just calm down. Take a deep breath. Phew. First, the Garden Master's men started rounding up SeeDs. Then, the fighting began... All of a sudden, the Garden began to shake violently. Then, the missiles came... And now we're flying...

This girl gives you a quick little rundown of recent events in case you'd forgotten.

And over here is the Garden's resident slacker, who's somehow still around.

The whole thing with the missiles makes NORG's thing look kind of petty.

This kid is just psyched to be flying around.

The only thing down the hall is the emergency exit, and I know how breaking rules goes in this hallway.

Fine, I'll succumb to peer pressure this time.

We can't actually go out the emergency exit.

We can, however, go out this other door that nobody's ever really mentioned before.

It's the bird door.

Nah, it actually leads to this tiny balcony.

Squall and Quistis walk calmly, but Rinoa runs over.

This is probably pretty impressive.

Rinoa's enjoying it.

Naturally, you only get this scene if she's here.

The Garden is really quite large.

You can get a bug here that makes it impossible to re-enter the Garden after Rinoa's scene if you try to go in while the game's still in FMV mode.

As soon as we're back inside, Xu comes around. Let's go see what Cid needs.

That seems bad.

Headmaster Cid: We're going to crash into the town of Balamb if we don't do something!

Yeah, definitely bad.

: No way! Can't we do something!?
: We have to do something, fast!

You could try not standing around and yelling about it.


Okay, we're going with "no" on this one.

: Squall do something!
: Squall!

That's a lot of pressure to put on Squall. Note that every character's lines here are just some variety of yelling for Squall to solve the problem, which is pretty fuckin' weak.

Squall, having no other recourse, just runs over to the console and starts going nuts.

There's a lot of button pressing here.

It makes something happen.

Well, that's better good luck than good management.

Here's a shot of Balamb, including this guy they didn't want to make an FMV model for.

He probably needs new pants now.

At least he's alive.

Thanks for the help, Trepe.

I hope the Garden's watertight.

"Everyone" can fuck off. Squall did that.

Headmaster Cid: I think the worst is behind us for now.
: ...Where are we heading?
Headmaster Cid: We'll drift along for the time being...until we figure out how to maneuver the Garden. So, it looks like we can finally relax for a while. And spend some time considering what to do next.

I guess Cid lived in his office.

Well, at least everyone's safe.