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Part 47: Part Forty-Seven: Diplomats Horizon

Part Forty-Seven: Diplomats Horizon

Well, we've come to FH to talk to their people about fixing our house that we crashed into the shit.

They don't really want us here.

: (He's not wasting any time.)

I don't think people want SeeD around unless they're paying.

Mayor Dobe: Any idea when?
: I'm afraid not. We only discovered that our Garden is mobile a short while ago. Therefore, we don't even know how to move it. We're still in the process of understanding everything.

In all honesty, at this point we don't even know if we can fix the Garden.

Mayor Dobe: Our technicians will assist you. They should be able to repair and service everything. How does that sound?

Like good luck.

Naturally, Squall is a little hesitant about letting these guys into the place.

Don't be a prick to me, Station Master Dope.

: S'cuse me. Why do you want us to leave so bad?
: (Please just keep your mouth shut! They must have their reasons. Who cares?)

Squall is right that this is neither the time nor the place to have this discussion.

Mayor Dobe: We don't want military organizations in FH. You rely on force to solve problems. That is in direct defiance of our principles.
Flo: We believe that any problem can be settled by discussion. If you reach a mutual understanding, there is no need to fight.

That's our first little insight into FH. While the rest of the places we've seen have been worried about Galbadia or sorceresses, FH has decided to go for full pacifism. No wonder they don't want us here.

Squall agrees with the principle, if not the execution.

Mayor Dobe: Violence only leads to more violence. We believe your presence here will attract violence. That's why we want you to leave as soon as possible.

FH's stance makes sense when you consider that it's right in the middle of the two superpowers of the FFVIII world, and the people here were present for the war. They know full well that this world isn't a peaceful one, and they don't want to get killed for Galbadia's dick-waving contest.

Nothing else to do.

Dobe and Flo don't have anything new to say (they actually say their whole lines here, I just cut them short).

Before we leave, though, there's an important hidden Draw Point here!

Ultima is the shit. Not only is it a powerful spell, it's the best around for Junctioning. The only stats Ultima gets beat out in are Speed and Hit % (by Triple). One day, I'll collect a full set of 300 Ultima spells so I can slap 'em on everyone's Strength. Won't be today, though, 'cuz this bad boy never refills.

Outside, Quistis airs her opinion.

Squall is right, there's nothing to talk about here.

On our way up the stairs, a native FHer runs past us yelling about Galbadians.

That's, uh, a pretty big stretch.

Squall thinks they're here because of the Garden, too, but it doesn't really hold up if you think about it. If they even know the Garden's moving, the ocean is pretty big.

Dobe is kind of an asshole, but I like his response here. At least he's a consistent asshole.

: (Don't tell me he's going to try to reason with them.)

: (...He's dead.)

Squall's not optimistic about Dobe's chances.

Now that Galbadians have shown up, there are random encounters about. They're just basic Galbadian Army enemies, nothing particularly interesting.

People around town have some new things to say.

: Where is the station?
Woman: Just keep going straight and you'll run into it.

For example, we can get directions.

Drunkard: ...a bit gloomy... ...(hic) the mayor...

Or talk to a drunk guy. Fulfilling.

Hell, there's even a new news story on the FHorums.

Is this an audio response, or did he type out the hiccups like that? You decide.

I've never noticed the woman on this screen before. Huh.

Boatman: They just keep comin' from over there.

Maybe if you give it a go, you'll take out some G-Soldiers.

Fisherkid: I'm not afraid of those soldiers! My master'll take care of them......!

It just dawned on me that Fisherkid and the other FH kids are probably some of the only people in this world to not be close to some sort of military action on the reg.

What a pro.

Now, let's get over to the station.

There's Dobe!

: He may not want our help, but we might as well.

She seems so blasé about it. The SeeDs are the protagonists, but they're still not really good guys.

And here's Squall with a great question.

: (I wonder what they're talking about?)

Let's lend 'em an ear.

Well, that's interesting.

We don't really have time to ponder it, though.

Clearly someone needs to read a damn Emily Post.

Dobe's negotiation doesn't seem to be going well.

Galbadian Soldier: I'll start with you.

Well, we could rescue him, but...

: (Why is Edea looking for Ellone? We'd better listen a little longer.)
: Squall!
: What are you waiting for!?

Jesus, it's called "intelligence gathering". Maybe you've heard of it?

Wait, no, that's insane.

Of course, you can also just go in the first place.

Everyone's a little more receptive that way.

"Ehh, I'll rescue him once I get paid."
"Has anyone ever told you you're a dickhead?"

"Apparently, I'm a dickhead."

: We're SeeDs.
Galbadian Soldier: SeeDs! Get the Iron Clad over here!

There he goes again, bein' an asshole.

While Squall's busy with that, some G-Soldiers show up.

This game's not set up for pincer attacks, so all the Galbadians grouped up.

Then they all died.

This could be useful at some point.

This will be useful at some point.

Something goes by on the bridge.

And then it jumps down to attack us.

...Wait, didn't we bust this thing up back at the Missile Base?

: Galbadia's latest weapon.
: Let's destroy this thing!

Well, someone's already done half the work on that one for us.

So, yes, this is the same boss that we fought back at the Missile Base, just a little worse for wear.

While I'm here, I decided to summon and show off FISHURURU.

This took a while, since GFs don't go off immediately (and I don't summon often, so everyone's got low Compatibility).


You can see in that second shot an effect the emulator doesn't like.

There's the big fish himself.

And there's some rocks he summoned.

Nice waterfall.

Not exactly blue-ribbon damage, though.

After a couple rounds of beating on it, the BGH blows up (as it does).

This is probably new.

And this is okay.

After the battle, the thing starts backing up.

...Shoulda checked your rearview, buddy.

Would ya look at that? Some Galbadian asshole's crawlin' out.

Some familiar-lookin' Galbadian assholes.

Nah, I'm just messin', it's the Missile Base party.

Everyone does a salute.

Squall's happy that he didn't actually end up sending these guys to their deaths.

...But he plays it cool on the greeting.

: Zell, Irvine. It's great to see you guys.
: Say, what happened to the Garden?

Well, we screwed around with some shit in the basement then crashed it into a town.

: (A lot has happened...)

Oh yeah, and some guy gave me guff. He's dead now.

: The Garden is safe.

Well, uh, mostly safe.

You might wanna hold off 'til after it gets fixed.

: What happened to you guys?
: Squall, let's save that for later.

This is probably the least appropriate "let's put a pin in that" suggestion so far.

: (...I guess.)

Squall doesn't even want to wait on it.

: Quistis, Rinoa, why don't you guys take them back to the Garden? I'll see you guys later, after I take a look around.

And so, everyone wanders off.

Leaving Squall alone in the station square. Well, except for Rinoa. Let's chat with her.

: (Huh?)
: It was the first time I've seen you so honest. It was...really sweet.

Squall, not being a sterling conversationalist, is on his back foot here. Let's see what he has to say.

: Is that all?
: (What more does she want?)
: Ok. Well, it's great that everyone is all right.

She knows damn well that's not all, but she also knows that she's not going to get anywhere by pushing it.

: It must be a big relief for you, Squall.

He'll get there eventually.

That leaves us technically able to progress, but we've got a lot of dialogue to look at here.

: I was just happy to see that they were alright. What's so surprising about that? Is there something wrong?
: No! There's nothing wrong! They're your comrades, but moreover, they're your friends.
: (...Friends, huh?...)

This one's important because it's the first exchange that puts words to the change in dynamic within the party. They're not just six people who happen to work together anymore. Of course, Squall's still reticent.

: Hey Squall, would you have been worried about me, too? Y'know, if I were with them instead?
: (What? Why is she asking me this? I don't know.)

This is a great screen, I love it.

: (What...? No I'm not.)
: You're so cute! Taking it so seriously!

Some people say this game isn't charming... fuck 'em.

But, what if we blow her off?

: You're exaggerating. It didn't mean anything.
: Huh? Yeah right.

Of course, she knows he's lying.

: What did you expect?
: I don't know. A little care and affection?

She doesn't like that.

: (Whatever.)
: Yes, I know. You're just being dishonest again. It's so funny. I know that deep down inside you care about them.
: (What's her problem? Leave me alone.)

And he knows she's right, too. This isn't my favourite scene here, but it's a good one.

: Ok, I'll leave you alone.

Compare this to Squall and Rinoa in the forest back before Galbadia Garden, or at the TV station, where they had similar discussions that didn't end anywhere near as well. It's kind of like Quistis asking Squall if he wants to go talk to a wall, where it highlights how the characters' relations have changed.

And there's something I haven't pointed out in a while, Squall turning away from his problems.

This line's always the same, but I like how it works with the scene - she's not giving up on him, even if he is gonna be a shithead about it.

But, now that that's all done, there's something else to look at. See, there's an entire other set of scenes if you send Rinoa to the Missile Base.

They begin with that well-worded exchange.

: I miss'd ya.

It's a good line.

: ...You know, I thought I was gonna die at the missile base.

There's a beat between the last line and this one.

And no question is posed directly, we just get to pick his response.

Kind of thick, isn't he?

She grabs her necklace before she answers here.

This one isn't a long scene. There's not a lot here, other than Squall being dense.

: I......wanted to...see you, too.
: Squall......

So she punches him in the stomach. And that's the lesson we can really learn here: if you tell people you care about them, they will harm you bodily.

And they'll be happy to do it.

That's why you should never care about anyone.

One more.

This is the best line since that one about not knowing.

She thinks about it for a second.

Then she starts laughing.

: ...Maybe?

He doesn't know what to say, either.

: Umm, I guess I'll let you off with that.

And that's the set of scenes for when Rinoa's sent to the Missile Base. They're clearly very different in content than if she went to the Garden with you; I like them, they're nice little chats between Squall and Rinoa. I'd say that I honestly prefer the ones if she's in the Garden party, though.