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Part 48: Part Forty-Eight: Fishy Ho

Part Forty-Eight: Fishy Ho

Well, Rinoa's gone back to the Garden.

But Dobe is still sittin' here.

: Sorry for butting in.

Good to see Squall's still dedicated to being shitty about stuff.

Mayor Dobe: No... But I'm not thanking you.

Dobe is very serious about his beliefs. This guy would sooner die than fight.

: You don't have to. It's just that...

And now, finally, we get to explain our feelings to some old guy. This is what I live for.

: We're not just a bunch of warmongers.
Mayor Dobe: Oh?

Squall is right. Warmongers promote war; SeeD sells services to groups already involved in war. That makes them war profiteers.

Yet another conversation with two dialogue choices in it.

: It's hard for me to explain... I wish...everything could be settled without resorting to violence and there would be no need for battles.

"Like, it would be great if we could talk things out and nobody had to die but that shit's slow."

"It's hard, too."

: So I believe that fighting is inevitable at times. It's really sad.

What Squall is saying is nice, but it kinds of rings hollow when you consider that he's been raised specifically to fight. It's also not very heroic.

: I think the world needs both people like you and people like us. Thank you for all your help. Good bye.

There he goes again, accepting things uncritically. That's our Squall!

Dobe isn't saying anything.

If you choose not to elaborate to Dobe, you get this instead, where Squall just gives up immediately. Both exchanges are interesting because, even though Squall has gotten closer to his comrades, he's still that same guy who just follows orders.

: We'll try to leave here as soon as possible.
Mayor Dobe: ...Fine.

At least it gets a reaction out of the guy.

So Squall decides to announce his favourite Nirvana album and leave. As you do.

Whatever you choose, though, Dobe won't talk to you afterwards.

This woman will, though.

And so will this drunk!

Truly, a man after my own heart.

Someone updated the FHorums.

Another great thread.

Sorry to let ya down, asshole.

Familiar Face #2 is, of course, the other guy who "welcomed" us to FH and it took me so long to figure out that that's where they were familiar from.

Yes, even though they explain it right here.

Seriously, though, who remembers a conversation like this?

See? Even Squall doesn't remember that guy.

Wait, you're not Nida, are you?

Yeah, Squall remembers your brother. Just not you.

Do they look alike? Go back to the other update, then sound off in the thread. If you're reading from the archive, just go to whatever thread and let them know.

What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you? I just wanna take the damn elevator.

No, I'm writing mean captions at some asshole.

Why does this guy have so many lines?

Fuck you, man!

Speaking of fuck you, look who's waiting for us upstairs.

I'm glad someone is.

: Ok.

Great answer.

That's it, that's the conversation.

I once had a phone conversation with my mother that was 7 seconds long and my friend wouldn't believe me that I didn't just fake the call.

: Yeah?

Anyway, let's talk to Irvine I guess.

: Uhh... I was wondering. Those technicians seem very handy.

Well, you see, a technician is a person who studies, professes, or practises technology.

: So like...would it be okay if I asked them to fix some other stuff?

I love Squall's reaction to that. It's like, why the fuck are you asking him?

Then just, man, do whatever.

: Yeah, of course.

So anyway, now Irvine is following us around.

Also, everyone gets their junctions dumped except Squall.

Do you want to know something about Final Fantasy VIII? There's new shit to do in this bit where your party is Squall and Irvine.

For example, Fisherkid is back to his old tricks.

The Shopkeeper's gotten wise by now.

Wow, he actually did it.

Congrats, kid.

Nah, there's a ladder there. It's just hard to see.

If you want someone to almost kill you but fuck it up at the last minute, Irvine's here.

Fisherkid said he could go see his master, but this little fucker's too lazy to actually go.

Well, I could progress the story but that's just not how I roll.

Master Fisherman: That's my boy, heh heh heh.
: What, are you teasing me?
Master Fisherman: Heh heh heh heh heh.
: What's so funny?

Ol' Fishy's pretty perceptive, ain't he?

: ......Yeah, maybe.

Squall has nothing prepared for this situation.

Master Fisherman: Heh heh... Alright, I'm sorry boy. I didn't mean to tease ya. After all, you boys are runnin' the show. It's your time now.
: Whatever, old man. Well, take care.
Master Fisherman: Hold on boy. Spend a little time with the old man before you leave, will ya? I think I like ya.

Sure, why not?

: ...Why? What for?
Master Fisherman: What else? To get a lecture, boy.

Master Fisherman's a fun guy.

For the record, I love these text boxes where it's just punctuation.

Master Fisherman: Come on boy. Yeah, it's sudden and all, but... Well, you decide.

Hell, might as well, right?

And it gives us an excuse to talk to this guy one more time.

I didn't get all those Abyss Worm cards for nothin', pal.

There's a little bit of FH history for ya.

And some FH present.

...And there's the FH future.

Fisherkid doesn't say anything new now that we've talked to the Master.

There is a new guy over here in the station square.

Young Man: Yeah, after I left Balamb, I traveled all over the place for more than a year and somehow ended up here.

We got here much quicker after we left Balamb.

Young Man: I've been through hell: cheated by people, attacked by monsters... Didn't find or learn a thing. Worried my parents to death, that's all.

And there's a life lesson for you: you will never find or learn anything in this world.

Young Man: I wonder how everyone's doing...?

At this point, Squall clues in; this guy's story might have seemed familiar to you.

That's right, he's Xu's son. Classic character.

Ah, I tricked ya.

: Hey, doesn't your mother work at the cafeteria in Balamb Garden?
Young Man: !? Yeah! How did you know that!?
: I live in Balamb Garden. The Garden is here in FH, by the docks. Your mother was worried about you. You should go see her.

I'm sure she'll be over the moon.

But you know why we're really here? To tell this guy we like cats.

Thanks for bein' here.