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Part 49: Part Forty-Nine: Master Fisherman's FHistory

Part Forty-Nine: Master Fisherman's FHistory

Eh, I can take 'em or leave 'em.

You keep on truckin', buddy.

This random NPC teaches us to always look on the bright side.

Real words of wisdom.

Thanks, kid.

On our way back to Garden, we can stop into a building by the tracks and see this.

As often happens, I didn't immediately realise that I had control back.

Didn't we kill this guy?

If I were this guy, I wouldn't be laughing.

Galbadian Officer: I'm asking him to repair the Iron Clad that you busted.
: (Why bother fixing that piece of junk? Foolish.)

Squall's not impressed by Galbadian war machines.

Galbadian Officer: Heh heh heh. You're dead meat.
: (Yeah, yeah. Get this thing over with.)

Fighting Galbadians is always annoying because you have to go through all the after-battle screens.

Great, then, let's rock.

Before we go, though.

As soon as you leave the Grease Monkey's place, uh...nothing happens.

Where'd he go?

A real Galbadian hero.

The Mega Phoenix is like the Phoenix Down's big brother. It revives everyone in your party from KO, and it's much rarer.

Now that's hospitality. Didn't even have to kill anyone.

Dobe didn't even mention us.

Upstairs, the Master Fisherman is waiting for us.

Master Fisherman: I owe you one.

Okay, so we almost killed you with the Garden, and then we...talked to you? Talked to Fisherkid? How do you owe us?

: What do you want to talk about?

Probably lures or something.

Master Fisherman: I got somethin' to show you.

As you can see in the picture, the Master Fisherman has some kind of robot fish.

And he flips a switch to reveal the ultimate secret: Mayor Dobe's ghost.

The Ghost of Mayors Past is apparently having an argument.

Master Fisherman: ...He sure was a rebel, putting himself on the line trying to change Esthar.

This must be an annoying conversation to have, what with holo-Dobe yelling about whatever the whole time.

Master Fisherman: You know about Esthar? It's the wonderland at the end of the tracks.

People in this town seem to have a pretty good impression of Esthar.

Shut up, Dobe.

And that's why they like the place, I guess.

It seems like that didn't really end well for them.

Master Fisherman: So some decided to build their dreamland elsewhere. That's how Fisherman's Horizon came about.

So, everyone in FH is basically a refugee. I guess that's part of why they're so anti-war.

Master Fisherman: Ironically, he's here now. Lot of time has passed since, but the man is still so obsessed with talking things out. ...Can't blame the guy.

Dobe also makes more sense in that light. I mean, we don't know exactly what happened to Esthar, but the Sorceress War ended and Galbadia's still around.

Master Fisherman: Now Esthar's changed and so has FH. All this kinda changed your views 'bout this dingy place, didn't it? It won't be in the history books, but this little place was built on dreams.

That's a nice story, hoss.

We could ditch the old guy, but let's hang out awhile longer.

Master Fisherman: Hey you got some heart for the old man, eh? Ok, let's go. Follow me.

Before we do that, though, let's chat with Irvine.

: I can kind of relate to all that. All this fighting... Messes with your head.

Seems like Irvine might have different views than Squall.

The Dobe-o-gram has one last line before we head out.

Now the drunk's saving me the effort.

Master Fisherman seems pretty popular around here.

Good outlook from the Master.

Dude just seems like a friendly guy.

Seems like the Master Fisherman is more important than he initially seemed.

Yeah, a real dreamboat.

By the way, why is everyone calling him "boss"?

Seems like a good conversation, well worth having.

Also, these people all like Squall better now that Master Fisherman likes him.

Honestly, why is the guy so important?

Uh, we've already met.

I like that the game adds the text box to point out the shop, in case you'd somehow missed it.

I feel like FH doesn't really have a sustainable population.

Oh, and by the way, these guys aren't satisfied with the introductions they got.

Well, as long as you feel vindicated.

If we talk to this guy, we can get a little bit of a biography of the Master Fisherman.

: Why?

Well, I mean, if I had to guess.

Shopkeeper: Because he was so skilled. He was like the engineer that led the huge train of people out of Esthar.

That is not what I would have said.

Shopkeeper: You didn't know? What are they teaching you in school? It was actually the boss who came up with the name FH. Before leaving Esthar, he was telling us that if we couldn't build our dream there, we might as well go build it somewhere else.

This must be why he's so respected around this place. Dobe may be the leader, but it sounds like it was all the Master Fisherman's idea.

Shopkeeper: That's when he came up with the name. Right boss!?
Master Fisherman: You still gotta good heart old friend, and a mouth that goes on babbling.

I get the feeling that the old guy spends most of his time on the docks because he doesn't really like being the centre of attention.

Shopkeeper: Heh heh heh. That's why you love me, right?
Master Fisherman: Some things never change.

This is one of the few questions left at this point, I suppose.

Master Fisherman: ...!
: Doesn't the name have some kind of meaning?
Master Fisherman: Ahh... Well, no one complained. Now that I think of it, I was surprised nobody said anything.

Sounds like it doesn't really mean anything.

Master Fisherman: Well, I thought it sounded good, for one thing.

Not the worst reason to pick a name.

Shopkeeper: That's it?
Master Fisherman: ......Of course not. What do you take me for, a fool?
: I thought it was because you were fishing for a dream somewhere out on the distant horizon.

And there's Squall with the save.

Shopkeeper: ......

I don't think he's buying it.

And, naturally, this exchange has a dialogue choice.

By agreeing with the guy, we get a compliment, and isn't that what it's all about?

: (...It's just my opinion.)
Master Fisherman: ...You know what? I don't know how I came up with FH.


Shopkeeper: I knew it.

Since that's the end of the branch, let's see the other option.

This one doesn't get us a compliment.

Master Fisherman: Of course, you don't wanna become too simple like this fool here.
Shopkeeper: Come on, boss! I said good stuff about you.
Master Fisherman: We're the same, old friend. I'm a simple fool, too. ...You know what? I don't know how I came up with FH.

And that's that.

There's just one little exchange left to see with the Master Fisherman.

I don't really feel like walking all the way back to Garden, so I'll take the assist.

Master Fisherman: They should be here soon.

Oh hey, it's the welcoming committee.

That seems dangerous. That part of town isn't exactly safety-compliant, you know?

Anyway, the welcoming committee isn't super hyped to be picking Squall up.

But our new friend sets 'em straight.

Haha, that's what ya get, dickhead.

You get this bit if you say you don't need help, which is why the Familiar Faces aren't around, but I figured I'd throw it in here.

Anyway, now we're done in town and we can finally get back to the Garden!